How to wear shorts this summer to look fashionable?
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How to wear shorts this summer to look fashionable?

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As a suit, with a belt, in beachwear, with a fitted bodysuit and with florals and oversize tops. Which styles with shorts are hot this season?

Shorts are a summer closet staple. They offer more freedom of movement than skirts. Additionally they are very comfortable and airy, perfect even in the hottest weather. Shorts can be worn by each of us, regardless of figure type or size. There are no limitations here. The most important is to choose such a model in which we will feel good.

This year to the most fashionable cuts of shorts we include, above all:

  • cycling shorts (preferably knitted, slightly ribbed, in holiday colors),
  • skirts and shorts (skirt at the front and shorts at the back, perfect for everyday and evening looks),
  • bermudas (with wider legs, mainly elegant, suit-like, perfect even for work and high-heeled shoes),
  • boxer shorts (soft, loose, with an elastic waistband, extremely comfortable and easy to style),
  • denim jeans (timeless, classic, this time preferably with high waist, patches and frayed legs),
  • high-waisted (emphasize the waist, hide a protruding belly, shape the figure, lengthen legs).

So how to create outfits with shorts to look fashionable? We have tested it!

Formal outfit with shorts

Suit-like Bermuda shorts are a hit this summer, worn elegant with a touch of nonchalance. What is best to combine them with? Put a top or a shirt inside, put on a loose, but slightly waisted jacket (reaching at least to hips, not to disturb proportions) and sandals (may be heeled or even stilettoes) or flat flip-flops, which are also very popular in 2021. Many stores offer us sets of bermudas and a jacket in the same color, which will make it easier to create outfits.

This look will be suitable not only for a walk, a meeting with friends or a date, but also for work or for a party. It all depends on accessories, such as bag, sunglasses, jewelry, make-up and hairstyle.

And for shorts, add… a belt!

How else to wear shorts? With a belt! Belts with decorative buckles have been in fashion for some time. This trend has also spread to shorts. So just put a blouse, top or t-shirt inside (even if only at the front) and slide the belt into the loops.

In this case, you can create not only an everyday outfit, but also an evening and party one, especially if you choose the aforementioned Bermuda shorts or, on the contrary, tailored shorts with high waist and, for example, pumps.

Shorts instead of pareos

Summer is the time for vacations and vacations. This year’s trends include one-piece swimsuits with interesting cut-outs, asymmetrically built.

When we go to the beach or to the bar, we can tie a pareo or put on an openwork dress, but the trend is to replace them with shorts, preferably with a high waist to emphasize the waist. Add flip-flops or espadrilles and you’re ready to go.

Short legs and a bodysuit

Here, a very similar combination, but instead of a swimsuit we have a bodysuit. We often see them on the most popular influencers and celebrities.

Bodies are very comfortable and in combination with shorts and a long jacket they create an interesting outfit. You can choose shoes with high or flat heels.

Denim, flowers and plaid

This year we could not miss denim shorts. Although they go with literally everything, it is worth betting on an extremely feminine and graceful look, i.e. pair them with a floral blouse with frills or a Spanish neckline with open shoulders. Complement it with a braided basket, for example round or trunk.

What to wear with bikinis?

Cycling socks or short leggings are a rather controversial trend, which was already worn by Princess Diana among others. Today they are a hot hit. What to wear with them?

There are at least a few possibilities – loose sweatshirt, top and oversize jacket, sports bra and denim jacket, oversized shirt or simply too big T-shirt.

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