Essential accessories for daily shoe care
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Essential accessories for daily shoe care

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Shoes do not belong to the cheapest elements of clothing. It is often an investment that should serve for years, but unfortunately, it often happens that through poor care and neglect, shoes after one season are suitable for trash. This approach is not only uneconomical but also very far from ecology. So how to take care of shoes, so that they look like new next season? We suggest!

Care for leather and eco-leather shoes

The basic care for leather or its imitation, from which shoes are made, is of course pasting. There is no more effective care than keeping leather shoes properly moistened and lubricated. Not only does polishing add shine, but it also prevents the leather from breaking, crumbling and cracking, and makes the leather retain its color longer. Before you polish your shoes, you should of course clean them from dust and sand and remove any stains with a damp cloth. After cleaning the shoe, you can proceed to polishing, which should be done at least once every two weeks, so that the shoe leather remains supple and looks fresh for as long as possible

Leather also has a tendency to deform, so that a shoe stored improperly quickly loses its cut and looks damaged. To prevent this from happening, use a shoe ruler to store your shoes in a closet or cardboard box to help the leather retain its shape

Care of fabric shoes

All kinds of sneakers, plaid moccasins and sneakers are usually made of material and provide your feet with more lightness in warm days. However, all such shoes, made of synthetic materials, have one bane – unpleasant odor. In a shoe made of non-breathable material, the feet sweat and leave behind an unpleasant reminder in the shoe. Frequent washing of shoes is very harmful to them, it makes the joints start to unravel, the shoes lose their cut, and the rubber sole loses its flexibility. Therefore, a much better solution for unpleasant smelling sneakers are shoe inserts. They absorb any odors, and when the insole starts giving you a hard time, you just need to replace it with a new one. Thanks to the insoles, you can avoid frequent washing of your shoes, which could make them not serve you for too long. Insoles are a way to extend the life and freshness of your shoes and make them more comfortable to wear, especially in summer

Care for suede shoes

Suede is a very specific and capricious material. It likes to wear out, get dirty and dusty, requires frequent cleaning, but does not like water. So how to take care of suede shoes? First of all, regularly brush the suede with both silicone and synthetic bristle brush. That way, the suede will always stay clean and you won’t have to clean it with water

Since suede and water don’t make the best duo, it’s a good idea to protect your shoes from the rain. Thanks to the use of such products as for example shoe waterproofing, your suede boots will not get unaesthetic stains and spots. Remember about regular impregnation and always clean your shoes thoroughly beforehand

Taking care of your shoes allows you to prolong their life and save a lot of money. Thanks to care properly selected to the type of material from which the shoes are made, they will look like new for many years and your feet will feel comfortable in them. Shoes are not only an element of styling, but also the way to healthy feet and spine. So invest in good footwear and take proper care of them so that one pair will last for many seasons.

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