What clothing to buy for spring?
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What clothing to buy for spring?

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Spring has arrived, which means a time of novelty and change. New season is always a great opportunity to refresh your closet, get rid of clothes that no longer fit or have gone out of fashion and buy new clothes. But how to buy clothes to be economical, ecological and yet heartwarming? Find out!

Light outerwear

First of all, if last spring you had to say goodbye to your spring jacket, this year you absolutely must buy a new one. For an early spring, which can be very changeable and capricious, it is best to have several jackets or coats to choose from. A staple and must-have item for spring in every closet should be a rain jacket. April and May are transitional periods when the weather can be quite surprising. A jacket with a raincoat often also protects you from the wind, which often comes as a surprise during this period. If you prefer classics, choose a coat with your favorite cut. A spring coat no longer has to be wool or lined with a thick layer of insulation, so you can finally enjoy lightweight warm weather clothing. You can find a wide selection of spring coats at https://www.zbrojownia.pl/kurtki-wiosenne

Spring Trends 2021

Spring is also the time to indulge in the latest trends. Sweatpants sets, which started gaining their popularity in the winter, reign supreme this season. This is the perfect outfit for warmer days. You don’t have to sacrifice comfort or style and you won’t get cold! Oversized hoodies are another hit for spring, which started crawling at the beginning of the year. Currently, every celebrity on their instagram is sporting just such an outfit. It’s another extremely comfortable option for spring days that will work for both cooler and warmer days. Both of these looks are phenomenal when paired with a leather or denim jacket and sneakers. These sensations of spring are offered by the brand Bopoco. On their website you will also find beautiful, airy dresses perfect for late May and June. Asymmetrical dresses are great for hot weather or going out with friends, and would also be a fantastic choice for a barbecue in the garden

Recycled Novelties

Going green and reducing your carbon footprint and water consumption has become a loud topic over the past few years. Every new piece of clothing means kilograms of carbon dioxide and liters of water, so to combat this problem and save money, you can buy your clothes in second hand shops or on clothing swap sites. Second hand clothes are cheap, unique and eco-friendly, which is why buying from second hand stores has become a trend and not a slur like it used to be

Another eco-hit that has been started quite recently is upcycling, or repurposing existing clothes into new clothes or accessories. This is a fantastic opportunity to get leather or silk accessories if you live a vegan lifestyle or just don’t want to support animal suffering. With upcycling, you can buy things made from non-vegan materials without contributing to suffering, just using materials that have already been created

Airing out and refreshing your closet for spring is a great idea. By going through your closet thoroughly, you’ll know what new clothes you need to buy and which ones you can send further out into the world for someone else to enjoy. Fashion trends change every year, and it’s easy to see the influence of pandemonium and lockdown in this year’s hits, but does anyone have a problem with the idea that wearing a sweatshirt to go out is an indicator of style, not laziness? That’s what fashion is all about!

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