You can wear these dresses all year round!
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You can wear these dresses all year round!

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Dresses are definitely one of the most versatile and feminine outfits. They can be worn both on a daily basis and for formal events. Depending on the weather outside the window, fashion and the occasion, you need to choose an appropriate creation. However, there are models and cuts of dresses that can be worn all year round. Their purchase is certainly very sensible, because it allows you to save a lot of money. What styles are perfect for every occasion?

Year-round versatile dresses

All-purpose dresses are ideal for any occasion and weather. Regardless of the prevailing weather conditions with minor additions, they can work great as formal and casual outfits. Here are the most popular versatile dresses:

  1. Little black

This is definitely one of the most versatile and popular dresses of all time. It works great for important events as well as less formal occasions. It can be matched with practically any accessory, as the color black is extremely versatile. Its length allows to uncover legs and expose shoes. This dress can be combined with jackets, scarves, colorful shoes or extravagant handbags . It can be used for many years, you only need to change the accessories to create a new look of your creation. Additionally, this model strongly emphasizes feminine shapes, which makes it sensual and elegant. The little black is definitely a must have in every woman’s closet.

  1. A dress straight from the bedroom

This model was very popular in the 1990s. It was then that world stars fell in love with satin creations resembling petticoats and bedroom dresses. Their invariability is mainly associated with the fact that these creations can be boldly combined with different footwear. Depending on the occasion, to this type of dress you can put on stilettos, sneakers, or even massive Martens type shoes. The combination of this model with a jeans jacket can make it perfect for a casual outing with friends, and the addition of beautiful stilettos will make it a dress definitely more evening. They are usually constructed with thin shoulder straps and a straight cut, however, there are also models with various types of creases and necklines. They are also available in different lengths (mini, midi, maxi), so everyone can find their ideal model. Despite the passage of years this dress has not ceased to be fashionable and quite controversial, especially the mini model.

  1. Wrap dress

So in free translation from English envelope dress is one of the universal items that do not go out of fashion. Depending on the material and design can be great for less formal outings, as well as those where we need to look stunning. Currently the most fashionable are dresses of this type with a floral pattern, dots or multicolored. This model very strongly emphasizes the bust and is great for women with plus size. This is a dress definitely girly and with the accessories used can be a creation for many circumstances. However, of all the models mentioned here, it is one of the less formal and official outfits, but it all depends mainly on its color and the whole styling.

The perfect dress length

Depending on the occasion, it’s a good idea to choose the right length for your dress. Unfortunately, not every occasion will look good with a mini dress and you should keep that in mind. During official and formal occasions, however, it is worth choosing midi and maxi models, as they will be definitely more appropriate. It is worth mentioning that tailored maxi dresses, despite the fact that they cover most of the body, are able to perfectly emphasize the figure and make us look sexy and sensual. The most versatile length of dress is the midi model, which should reach slightly before the knee. It allows you to uncover your legs and at the same time be formal.

In conclusion, versatile dresses are great investments for years to come. Their purchase is not only a great savings, but also the assurance that we will look nice and fashionable during each celebration. The great popularity of the above mentioned cuts is a guarantee of their adaptation to any situation. Every year at least a few stars on the red carpet decide to choose from these classic and timeless models.

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