Elegant nonchalance of French women. Discover the style secrets of Parisian women
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Elegant nonchalance of French women. Discover the style secrets of Parisian women

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Sophisticated and classy, yet natural and timeless – these are the styles of Parisian women, admired by thousands of women around the world. We have checked what rules they follow when compiling their closet.

High Quality Materials

Not only Parisian women, but also women from all over France believe in high quality products. In their closet, you will not find clothes or accessories that are worn out, tattered, faded or damaged. The basis are basic elements made of great materials, mostly natural.

What is more, they willingly reach for those with the designer’s label, although they do not flaunt the well-known brand’s logo. We will not see any blouse with a huge inscription on the chest or a logoed bag.

Accessories always timeless

Parisian women pay a lot of attention to accessories and jewelry. They believe – and rightly so – that they are the icing on the cake.

They focus on classics and timeless designs. It is in vain to look for seasonal models, the popularity of which sometimes ends sooner than it began. Characteristic for France is also the fact that women there wear their bags when and how they want. For example, an ultra-elegant handbag they successfully wear every day.

Chasing trends? No!

Not only when it comes to choosing accessories, but also clothes, Parisian women by no means blindly follow trends. They prefer classics and basic, basic elements, distinguished by the already mentioned high quality. The clothes are often plain, but there are also patterns such as polka dots, stripes and checks.

They wear it all with their heads held high, exuding confidence. This makes even the simplest look stunning.

What Colours Do Parisian Women Wear?

Classics not only in cuts, but also in colors are the hallmark of Parisian women. On the streets we see mainly black and white as well as grey, beige, brown and navy blue. Black is also preferred in total outfits.

When it comes to more vivid colors, red is the most common choice. However, this one appears rather in accessories – as a bag or shoes.

Such an approach is very conscious and worth using. A subdued base allows you to create countless styling.

Elegant with a touch of nonchalance

Parisian chic is natural and casual, but has a touch of nonchalance and unforced elegance. We can see inspiration in men’s closet – shirts, vests, jackets and ties are the order of the day here. There are also hats with a slightly wavy brim or berets with antennae.

As for the shirt, it will not be tucked neatly into pants, even from a ruler. Moreover, Parisians usually roll up the sleeves. On the other hand, skirts are more often paired with sneakers than heels. The look is completed with loose waves, painted eyelashes, red lips, and jewelry, such as large circle earrings and hair accessories.

What also distinguishes Parisian chic are girlish cuts, flared dresses and coats, and fur coats.

Comfort, comfort, comfort

Finally, it is impossible not to mention comfort, which Parisian women value highly. They mostly wear ballerinas, moccasins, oxfords, lords, sneakers, in which they easily move around the cobbled streets of the French capital. There is also no question of uncomfortable clothes, pinching or squeezing.

Main photo: Nicola Fioravanti/unsplash.com

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