How to fix a tan?
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How to fix a tan?

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A tan looks very aesthetic, but unfortunately it can fade very quickly. Many people are afraid that long tanning sessions won’t make their holiday tan stay with them longer. To make your tan stand out and stay with you longer as a fond memory of your vacation, there are a few tricks you can try.

The best ways to make your tan last longer

The tan appears due to the action of melanin in the skin, so it’s worth taking care of its proper condition. It is usually formed in the deeper layers of the skin, so it is important to perform regular exfoliation both before and after tanning. Peeling can be done by yourself at home, with the help of a bit of selected oil with sugar or coarse salt. This is a cheap and very effective way to even out skin tone and get rid of the old, keratinized epidermis. It will also become much smoother. Thanks to the reduction of keratinized epidermis our tan will be much more visible, and the skin will become radiant.


During sunbathing it is also important to apply sunscreen at regular intervals, preferably every 2 hours. For an optimal tan, a sunscreen of 20 or 30 SPF is sufficient. For very sensitive skin, sunscreens with an SPF of 50 are recommended so as not to further dry and irritate the skin. It is important to apply the sunscreen or sunscreen oil evenly. This will make sure that the skin will tan evenly. This will allow us to enjoy a nicely tanned skin, without bright spots. With the sweat, but also by abrasion of the skin by the sand, unfortunately, the cosmetic applied on the skin may not work properly. Regular application of successive layers of cream will allow us to get a very even tan. This can also prevent very painful and unpleasant burns. The cosmetic should be patted rather than rubbed into the skin. Spreading it on the skin is not the most precise way of application, as it may leave spots on the skin, which will not be properly protected against UV radiation.

Cosmetics with glycerine

To make the skin with a tan look nicely moisturized for a long time, it is worth to use after tanning appropriate cosmetics with allantoin and glycerin, which retain water inside. Thanks to such treatments, our tan will look very nice, and at the same time we will take care of its elasticity and smoothness.

Diet with vitamin A

It is very important to follow a diet with plenty of vitamin A, or beta-carotene, which is responsible for its brown-golden shade. It can be provided by a glass of carrot juice or by apricots and melons, which also have a lot of vitamin A in them. It also has a negative effect on free radicals, which accelerate the aging of skin cells. Vitamin A in appropriate amounts and supplements containing this vitamin will make our tan stay with us for longer.


Another sure way is to apply self-tanners and bronzers to your skin to give it a nice bronze color. You can use tanning beds in winter and autumn, but you should choose the right places that have tanning beds with the right certifications and staff that can help you choose the right tanning time for your skin. Self-tanners should be spread on the body in an even manner. It’s also important to moisturize your skin after tanning, whether you tan in a solarium or on the beach.

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These methods will make our skin much smoother, and we, instead of dangerous sunburns, will have a nice and above all durable tan for longer.

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