Fashionable updos for the big night out
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Fashionable updos for the big night out

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What to do with your hair? This is the question we all have to answer before an important event. How do you manage with your hair style when for some reason your hair stylist cannot help you? We like to give you our tips and show you 5 updos, which you can do yourself!

No matter whether you have long or short hair, one cardinal rule when it comes to styling your hair is to go natural. At home, the temptation is often to apply a generous amount of hairspray just to be on the safe side. Instead of natural, separated strands of hair, you get the proverbial “helmet”, which you want to avoid Don’t overdo it. Opt for updos which are as simple as they are effective

1. Curls – the classic of the genre

The first styling suggestion comes as no surprise. Once upon a time there were thin, well-defined spirals, now there are thick, softly falling curls or the celebrity favourite, beach waves. Both styles are relatively easy to style and do not require much time. They look good on all hair types and suit everybody. But how do you do it? It is easy! If you have a lot of time you can roll up your hair on curlers. Use a curling iron or flat iron to roll up your hair from mid-length to the ends. Then comb your hair and spray with hairspray

2. Tangled, intertwined

This updo is a veritable artistic mess among updos, and the execution and effect can really vary every time. What is it? A combination of unruly beach waves and braids, of course. This style became popular a few years ago with the return of boho hairstyles, and is especially perfect for summer, when we don’t associate it with a chignon but with wavy hair! One of the easiest ways to create this hairstyle is to make a few braids on damp hair – once they’re dry, they create natural waves, which you can then braid again according to your own imagination

3. Let’s opt for accessories

This option is perfect for everyone, regardless of hair length or type. Hair accessories like bobby pins and headbands are making a comeback and the choices are endless. If you are not a fan of color and prefer classic, minimalist accessories, silver or gold clips placed symmetrically on both sides of your hair automatically add style to your hair. What about extravagant accessories? There are no limits! Colorful bobby pins, wide headbands, glitter – anything that catches our eye will enrich the updo

4. How about up?

If you have short hair, one of the most convenient and simple yet glamorous updo suggestions is to pull it back. This not only uncovers the forehead and gives the look a totally different character but also gives it a more predatory rock feel. Tease your hair if a completely plain updo is not to your liking. Use a flat iron to twist your hair back and work styling mousse through your hair first to make sure the effect lasts

5. Aim high!

This hairstyle is also achieved in a few simple steps. High ponytails and chignons have been in fashion for a few years now. According to stylists, it is one of the most important hairstyles of the decades and as you can see, stars like Dua Lipa agree. At this year’s Brit Awards 2021 the singer sported a high-volume chignon with loose strands of hair running down both sides of her face. The result? Check it out for yourself!

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