Colouring Hair – Which Colours Suit Light-Aged Complexions?
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Colouring Hair – Which Colours Suit Light-Aged Complexions?

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Skin tone and eye color play an important role in hair color as well. If you have a light complexion and want to colour your hair then this article is for you! We tell you which colors work best for you and your complexion.

Light skin is one of the most common complexions in our climate. How do you find the right hair color to maximise your beauty? We tell you which hair colours will best suit light and very light skin

Skin Tone

The choice of hair color does not only depend on how light you are but also on your complexion. Warm-skinned women have skin tones tending towards golden, peach or even slightly yellowish. For those with warm skin, golden or caramel blondes and warm browns are definitely the best options. Cool-toned women have skin with pinkish undertones. For them platinum, mouse blonde or cool chocolate browns work best

Not sure whether you are a warm or cold-skinned woman? There is a very simple way to find out. All you have to do is look at the veins visible on your wrists. In people with cold beauty, they are usually bluish or even purple, while in people with warm beauty, they are slightly green. You can also tell this by the way you tan. If your skin quickly becomes red and irritated after sun exposure, you probably have a cool beauty. Warm-skinned women on the other hand enjoy a light olive-toned tan

Blonde Hair

Blonde hair is the safest hair colour for fair skin. It is impossible for fair-skinned women to go wrong with blonde hair. In fact, there is no skin type, which can be matched with a blonde hair colour. However, it is very important to be mindful of the warm and light tones of both your complexion and the dye you choose.

Dark Brown Hair

A very interesting combination is dark or even black hair paired with a light complexion. This combination creates a striking contrast with dark hair, especially if you have blue eyes. This combination makes you look like beauty icons like Dita von Teese, Megan Fox or Adriana Lima,

Red Hair

Red hair goes well with a light complexion. Be careful with cool or warm tones because red hair can make your skin appear radiant and smooth or it can accentuate skin imperfections.

Remember that you should seek professional advice before colouring your skin. You can find a sample offer at

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