How to wear Velcro sandals, this summer’s most fashionable footwear?
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How to wear Velcro sandals, this summer’s most fashionable footwear?

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With the arrival of summer, we reach into the closet for airy, lightweight clothes, and we put away heavy winter shoes and replace them with models suitable for high temperatures, such as sandals. Here’s how to wear Velcro sandals.

Although until recently they were associated with typical sports shoes (often only for men), Velcro sandals are back in style! No wonder – they are comfortable and light. They are perfect for summer – in version with flat heel they are suitable for hiking, holiday walks. Adhering to the now popular combination of styles, cuts and patterns, nothing stands in the way of wearing the Velcro sandals not only with typical sports clothes, but also combining them with other elements of our closet, often even those for bigger outings. Here are a few ideas for Velcro sandals.

Mini version

First proposal for summer and hot weather. Match any color of Velcro sandal (you can choose your favorite color or choose the safest option and go for black or white) with short shorts or a mini skirt. A good solution here is to choose materials and cuts more casual, like denim. If you think that this combination lacks balance, because shoes look too ‘sporty’ next to the bottom of your outfit, you can counterbalance this impression with a more balanced, sporty top. On slightly cooler days casual jackets will work, and for warmer days – airy, light shirts, preferably in natural colors and without fine patterns

Elegant look

Quite surprising, but extremely fashionable combination are velcro sandals combined with… a suit. Admittedly, we are not talking about evening suits, but more casual ones, made of light, breathable materials, such as cotton or linen. Oversize jackets are especially recommended for summer, as they give you more freedom of movement and also pants with slightly wider legs – close-fitting cuts are not the most comfortable option for hot days. Velcro sandals will make this look less formal, but still elegant. Depending on the choice of accessories and colors we put on, it is also very versatile – it will work both for work and for going out

Summer in full swing

A trivial but very effective suggestion is to wear Velcro sandals with summer dresses. Although our first thought may be that dresses would go with more delicate sandals, preferably tied or fastened, often with heels or platforms – but nothing could be further from the truth. It is the Velcro sandals, with a flat heel and no fancy ties, that are the hit of the season, even more so when paired with a dress. And when it comes to dresses, our choice is unlimited. Mini, maxi, floral, striped, polka dot, envelope cut, tied, with a slit on the leg, asymmetrical… any of them can be worn with sandals. Additional points for sticking to fashion trends will be given if you also choose a braided bag, preferably a big one. A perfect combination.

Socks with sandals?

No mistake: this popular combination with sandals is the latest hit. A combination which has been a subject of jokes for a long time and generally avoided by a wide margin, this time it comes back in style. It might seem that quite massive in its structure Velcro sandals and socks are not the best combination. But it turns out that it can be not only comfortable alternative for colder days, but also look phenomenal. So we break the stereotype – yes, socks and sandals go together! Thick, woolen socks will be especially good – they will give lightness to this combination. We do not recommend high socks, which may disturb the proportions of the body, as well as classic, transparent socks in flesh color – they may not look as good as with other types of shoes

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