4 models of the most fashionable sweaters for the end of winter!
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4 models of the most fashionable sweaters for the end of winter!

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Warm sweaters are an indispensable part of winter outfits. What models and cuts will be fashionable when we already think about sunny spring?

The last winter months are also the time of sales and a great opportunity to buy new clothes at a very attractive price. You can take advantage of many bargain promotions in chain stores and among premium products. A good choice will be universal types, which will certainly be in fashion also in the next season

A sweater goes perfectly with both casual and elegant outfits. It is a practical item that keeps us warm and cozy during the winter. It combines well with jeans, skirt, but also looks interesting imposed on a dress. It is a great starting point to create a winter outfit

What sweaters will work at the end of winter? Here are 4 models of sweaters that are perfect for winter days

On winter days, a warm and tactile sweater becomes the best outfit. In winter, knit, wool and thick, natural cotton become popular. Using a sweater in styling is not only very fashionable, but also practical, because it is great to protect against the cold. During the winter season, many stylists and influencers show off their warm styles on social media. This is a great place to find inspiration and create an original look

A warm sweater with good composition

When looking for the perfect sweater for winter, you should pay attention to the composition of the fabric. To ensure that the sweater does not stretch after one wash, it is worth investing in a high-quality model. Such a purchase is a good investment, because the sweater will usually stay with us for years. It is good if the chosen cut is tailored to our figure, because we will look in it favorably, and thus willing to wear it. Sweaters offered by Tommy Hilfiger, Luisa Spagnoli or Silvian Heach are worth attention – these are premium brands, so their products are luxurious and elegant. An interesting solution that catches the eye is a model with a large collar in baroque style. This is undoubtedly one of the biggest trends of the winter, which cannot be unnoticed. However, this is a versatile model that suits women of all ages

Turtleneck sweater

Sweater with turtleneck is an extremely elegant model for cold winter days. It adds nonchalance and unique character to styling. It is worth having such a model in your closet. This season’s top trends are openwork or plaid sweaters which give the whole look a girlish character. They are perfect during winter vacations in the mountains. We also recommend classic turtleneck sweaters made of smooth knit, which can be worn with patterned skirts and peplite pants. Interesting are also those models that are finely decorated for example with shiny thread or tassels. For fans of boho style oversize or openwork sweaters are ideal, which can be put on a dress with flowers

Cardigan sweater

Cardigans are classic models that appear every year among the seasonal trends. This is a very practical cut of sweater, which is ideal for cold periods. In summer or spring can replace the jacket. Undoubtedly, such a sweater is very feminine and stylish, perfectly combined with a white shirt and a plain t-shirt. Cardigans can be successfully worn to work, but also for walks or outings with friends. It is a comfortable solution, which does not limit movement, but it is also chic

Oversize sweaters

The last model in our list are oversize sweaters, these are characteristic cuts that look as if they were too big for us. This effect adds a lot of chic to the whole outfit, especially when combined with the right accessories. Oversize sweaters are characterized by wide sleeves, do not hug the body and fall loosely from the shoulders. Thanks to them outfit looks very fashionable and certainly is not boring or banal. Such sweaters look great when combined with simple jeans, skirts or dresses. This is not an obvious solution, which looks fantastic on everyone

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