Controversial trend: bra as top
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Controversial trend: bra as top

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With the arrival of warmer days, we reach into the closet for lighter, often skimpier clothing. A fashion choice that has been in the news lately is wearing bralettes and even bras as ultra-skimpy tops.

For some, wearing a bra as a top may be a controversial, bold choice, but it is a trend that is gaining popularity – especially now that brands like Dior and Versace are promoting it at their shows. But it turns out that the bra as a top is the hottest hit of the summer not only for designers, but for celebrities as well – while bold, it’s a fashion choice for everyone

What are the reasons for this? First of all, comfort and aesthetic issues. A bra instead of a top is a very convenient and comfortable option for summer, when high temperatures make us want to get rid of all unnecessary layers. By choosing a bra as the base of our styling we do not have to worry that we will be too hot

There are no limits when it comes to the cut or color of bra – in stores you will find a huge selection of fashionable cuts. For summer, white or those with a floral motif work best

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