Elegance for autumn – timeless hairstyles for men
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Elegance for autumn – timeless hairstyles for men

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Every man wants to look fashionable and elegant, while not giving up comfort and convenience. Autumn is a good opportunity to combine classics and timeless solutions with warm materials, which are ideal for the cold months. We suggest how to dress in order to look elegant in the autumn.


This is the simplest solution when it comes to elegance and timeless menswear. The suit has been a staple of men’s fashion for so long that it’s hard to imagine a man’s closet without this piece of clothing. In particular, a classic suit, or one with a single-breasted jacket fastened with two buttons, should be in the possession of every man. When choosing the right suit, take into account the occasion for which you want to wear it. A different choice will be made when it comes to a suit for a wedding and another when it comes to a business meeting. Also, for different autumn occasions, it is an excellent choice.

White shirt

A suit must have the right complement, namely a shirt. The most classic one is white, which goes with any suit. This element of formal male attire has not changed for many years. It is worth betting on one with cuffs fastened with cufflinks. This will give it even more elegance and class.

The right coat

If it is autumn, then the weather is also capricious. Therefore, you must always remember about the appropriate outer garment, which will protect a man from rain or wind. The most timeless are men’s coats, available in different lengths and cuts, so every man will certainly find the right one for himself. Black and gray coats are the most neutral colors that can easily be matched with other pieces of clothing, whether they also have calm colors or more expressive ones.

Chino pants

This is another must-have for men’s closet. They can easily be matched with a semi-formal style for different occasions – meeting friends, going on a date or going to the office. The most classic are chino pants in beige and navy blue colors. These colors are also the easiest to match with the right shirt and shoes.

Classic shoes

Speaking of shoes, choosing the right one is just as important as the rest of the elements of a man’s outfit. The most elegant are classic slippers, but more and more men opt for men’ s loafers or moccasins. Other, belonging to the most popular and at the same time very stylish formal shoes are oxfords. Workers, slippers and suede slippers are also very popular.

Mix and match styles

When it comes to combining trends, casual style offers the greatest opportunities. Casual autumn outfits combine sporty elements with classic, elegant ones. Sports footwear fans can add sneakers or sneakers to their autumn outfits. You can alternate jeans with the aforementioned chino pants in different patterns and colors.

You can also wear a sweatshirt on top, but it’s best to combine it with a tweed jacket and sneakers. Then the styling looks chic, but does not lose its metropolitan character. Designers promote wearing sweaters by men, which are definitely timeless and universal. They will look good both under a coat and quilted jacket, as well as a Ramones.

On cold days, men’s autumn outfits based on layers work well. For example, a turtleneck under a shirt jacket will go well with classic blue jeans and brown boots. On the other hand, a simple T-shirt can be worn under an unbuttoned jeans shirt, and a classic coat can be put on top. Suede slippers will go best with this combination.

Main photo: Oleg Yeltsov/unsplash.com

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