Wedding in early autumn – how to dress?
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Wedding in early autumn – how to dress?

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Autumn is still the wedding season. Brides and grooms love this climate – golden leaves falling from the trees, the setting sun and the gentle wind moving the trees. It all looks great in photos. Have you received an invitation to an autumn wedding and have no idea how to dress? Be sure to read this article – in it we suggest what styles are suitable for such an occasion!

Can I dress how I want for a wedding?

This is a question that is best consulted with the bride and groom. Fashion is fun, so the answer should be – yes. On the other hand, a wedding is a special day for the newlyweds. It is important that you feel good on that day, but so do they. Some brides and grooms don’t want women to wear a white dress, for example, because it’s a color meant for brides. Another couple will not wish for black styling on the women. For this reason, this topic is best discussed with them before you go shopping. 

Long, simple dress

A simple and long dress is a class of its own. Having one such in your closet will get rid of the problem of lack of styling for more than one occasion. One of them is an autumn wedding. This is a great option for minimalists who do not want to look extravagant. You can match it with any jewelry you like. If you want to turn up the look, let it be big and shiny. Set the whole look with beautiful, classic stilettos in black or beige.


A suit for a wedding for a woman? Why not! After all, it is not said that only a man can wear a suit. Nowadays there are plenty of women’s suits on the market, with all sorts of colors and designs. In autumn you can break the gray and gloom by wearing a colorful outfit. A colorful suit will look brilliant with beige stilettos and delicate makeup. If you’re not sure if you’ll feel comfortable in it, bring a dress with you to the party for a change of clothes. 

Dress in beige colors 

Autumn like no other season is associated with the color beige. For this reason, a dress in this shade will be ideal for a wedding held in early autumn. Look in stores – those on offer often have beautiful dresses with an autumn print. It can be a long dress, midi or mini. You can match it with classic black stilettos and a gold handbag. The beige dress is perfectly matched with delicate makeup, in which the main fiddle is played by black eyeliner and lips in a nude shade. Won’t it look great?

Pleated skirt

Pleats are associated with autumn. Every season, pleated skirts in midi version come back into fashion. You can safely wear such a one to an autumn wedding. Combine it with an elegant blouse and a shiny handbag. The whole look will be perfectly complemented by delicate jewelry and elegant evening makeup. Depending on the color of the skirt, also match it with stilettos – black, beige or maybe gold? The latter will shine beautifully among the golden leaves that have just fallen from the trees!

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