Angelina Jolie – the master of capsule closet
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Angelina Jolie – the master of capsule closet

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Angelina Jolie is living proof that a capsule closet is enough to look stunning. The actress is a fashion minimalist and shows that limiting her closet to only the essentials is very possible. Check out the tricks that Jolie uses.

Fashion experts describe Angelina Jolie’s style as “strict but sexy”. However, only a few people know how long the fashion path the actress had to go through to find her true self. Her image depended mainly on the roles she played. She owes her distinctive, reserved style to having a family and having children. It was then that she began to opt for a combination of chic and minimalism. Today she is a style icon who makes it clear that the capsule closet technique is worth a try.


Angelina Jolie chooses natural and subdued colors for everyday wear. Beiges, olives, grays, black, and white are the colors in which we see her most often. She adds other shades to her outfits with accessories.


The actress pays great attention to the materials that her clothes are made of. She realizes that good quality fabrics make the clothes last for many years. Angelina Jolie has been a fan of leather skirts, pants and dresses for many years. She knows how to style them without looking vulgar. She also likes to wear clothes made of cashmere. Her hairstyles are then soft but still strict.

A must have for Angelina Jolie’s closet

Angelina Jolie’s closet consists of several basic garments that the actress mixes together to create outfits for different occasions. These are:

  • cigarillos – in different models and colors, which makes it possible to wear them for many occasions,
  • a dressmysuit – a loose cut is easy to adjust to the figure and does not cause discomfort,
  • sweater – a trendy sweater goes with almost everything and can always be used to create a stylish and comfortable look,
  • tops – plain-coloured ones are the basis for a successful outfit,
  • Jacket – will be perfect when you want to give your outfit a formal character.

Lovely cover-ups to complete your outfit

In recent years, Angelina Jolie has been adding ponchos, shawls, and cloaks to her classic hairstyles. Made of soft cashmere, they are still kept in neutral colors to add a touch of freshness and softness.

A large bag – an essential for Angelina Jolie

Every woman knows that the right bag is an important part of her outfit. It is the one, which can hold all the necessary things – both the more and less useful ones. On an everyday basis Angelina Jolie chooses large shoppers, which can fit a lot of things. They are usually made of solid leather in intense colors, which creates a contrast with the rest of the actress’s closet.

Discreet jewelry is a synonym for delicacy and lightness

What would a capsule closet be without delicate jewelry? Angelina Jolie knows that very well. She often chooses discreet jewelry to complete her outfit. Thin chains with small pendants, modest rings and delicate earrings. All this is done in order not to overload the outfit and to keep it minimalistic.

Sunglasses – a must-have accessory for any celebrity

Celebrities like Angelina Jolie are always on the lookout for photographers. That is why they wear dark glasses to ensure a little anonymity. Angelina Jolie’s favorite model is the voluminous square or thin teardrop.

main photo: Cortijo

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