These movies and series have been a great inspiration to the fashion world!

These movies and series have been a great inspiration to the fashion world!

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Many women want to imitate their favorite heroines of movies and TV series. There have been quite a few works that have promoted unusual hairstyles and closet items. The fashion world loves them. Often, hairstyles from the screen are transferred into everyday life. They are popular not only on the catwalks and red carpets but also at parties, weddings and festive dinners.

Films and TV series that women have come to love

There have been plenty of movies and series that have had a big impact on the current fashion world. Below are those that have contributed most to a different perception of the female body. The presented style of dressing of female characters became an inspiration for the whole world

  1. Friends

It has been 16 years since the last episode aired. Despite this, the series, the style of dress of the characters, and the humor presented has not aged a bit. The clothes worn 16 years ago by Phoebe Buffay, Rachel Green, and Monica Geller are back in fashion all the time. Phoebe Buffay made the biggest impression on all audiences; her outfit epitomized the boho style, she loved wide creations, bold color combinations and lots of jewelry. However, most often imitated by women was Rachel Green. The complete opposite of Phoebe, she was the epitome of the fashion world. She loved boyfriend style sweatshirts, thin strapless dresses and short skirts. Monica Geller emphasized her slim figure with high-waisted pants, short sweaters, and shirts with cleavage

  1. Gossip Girl

One of the most popular series characters was Blair Waldorf. She loved expensive jewelry, beautiful dresses and high-heeled shoes. Many girls watched Gossip Girl just for the fashion styles. No wonder. Blair’s style was stunning. However, we should not forget about the second main character Syrene van der Woodsen, who also served the fashion world. The girls presented a completely different style of dress. Blair Waldorf is all about beautiful headwear and puffy headbands. Syrene was all about short, flared dresses and eclectic colors. Girls are back in style with short, checkered skirts, stylish blazers and knee-high socks

  1. Sweet Little Lies

It is a series created in 1995, which had quite an impact on the world of fashion. At that time every teenage girl wanted to be like the main character – Cher. Moreover, the series’ costumes became an inspiration for the creators of “Gossip Girl”. What distinguished Cher from others? First of all, she had an automatic closet, and she chose her stylizations with the help of a computer program. Thanks to this the title character composed extremely fashionable combinations. Cher chose minimalist black dresses, checked outfits, short skirts, berets and eye-catching lacquers. Her trademark was a yellow checkered uniform and white knee socks. Sweet lies made the “little black” reign on the catwalks again, and Scottish check clothes were pulled out of closets

  1. Sex in the big city

There is probably no woman who has not seen at least one episode of Sex in the City. What’s more, this series is a veritable mine of trends. It made an incredible advertisement for popular fashion houses, especially Manolo Blahnik. It has introduced many changes in closets of ordinary women. Fashionable clothes are no longer associated with haute couture, but were transferred to women’s closets around the world. The phenomenon of the series consisted in the fact that the main character perfectly found herself in clothes from designers, giving them a little finesse. What do we owe Carrie Bradshaw? Certainly high heels from Manolo Blahnik. Fans of the series quickly ceased to be reluctant to spend more than $400 on shoes. Sex in the city brought popularity to thin-strapped dresses, tulle and silk skirts, and sandals with thin straps

  1. Emily in Paris

This is the latest series to make a big impact on this year’s fashion. Although it is set in Paris and Emily’s styles have little to do with French style, they have still been very successful. After the series aired, many of the closet pieces quickly appeared in popular chain stores. Clothes in saturated pink or the once popular berets are back in style

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