Trendsetter – what does it actually mean?

Trendsetter – what does it actually mean?

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A trendsetter is a person who professionally deals with predicting trends, news and what will be fashionable in the coming time. His or her job is to observe the environment and draw conclusions from the broad social and cultural context. On this basis and careful analysis, forecasters make conclusions about what will be popular, for example in the world of fashion or interior design

Currently, trendsetters are defined as stars, celebrities and famous people whose fashion choices are an inspiration to others. These popular figures have an impact on trends and consumers’ purchasing decisions. Thanks to the power of social media, anyone can create their community online and be a role model for their followers

The profession of trendsetter in the fashion industry

What was the job of fashion forecasters?

The history of fashion forecasters begins in the 1960s, when a group of people was established to observe street trends, famous people or pop culture. Through careful analysis and prepared reports, trend companies were able to predict what would be fashionable and willingly worn. Even today, there are companies that collect various types of information on the basis of which they can predict trends in the fashion industry

Trendsetter in today’s world

Trends and fashions are influenced by the Internet and especially by social media. Trendsetters are now the people who enjoy the most recognition online, which translates into the number of followers. Platforms such as YouTube, Facebook, Instagram or Tik-Tok are a great place to share your fashion choices with your followers

Clothing brands are increasingly willing to cooperate with celebrities, who they appoint as ambassadors of their company. This is a form of advertising that aims to make the brand more recognizable and associated with the values of the influencer. Bloggers, youtubers or instagrammers like to test and comment on clothes, cosmetics or various gadgets. A flattering review from a well-loved influencer can be a great motivator to increase sales. Celebrity accounts are built on authenticity, so in many people they inspire trust, become an inspiration and have a real impact on creating reality, including trends

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How does marketing work in the fashion industry?

Currently, trends are created largely by what is popular among popular accounts on Instagram. It is this platform that is most often associated with the fashion and beauty industry. In addition to standard fashion campaigns, many brands decide to cooperate with influencers who recommend and show on their profiles a given outfit or some part of the collection. Thanks to this, a brand can easily gain a wide audience, and thus new customers. Therefore, people who actively develop their popularity online often have large reach, which is tempting for potential advertisers

Who are the most popular influencers in Poland?

Who do we most often follow online and who has the most followers in Poland? On Instagram, Robert Lewandowski has enjoyed the greatest recognition for years. In the top three is also his wife Anna. Among the Polish it-girls we can certainly distinguish Veronika Bielik, Julia Wieniawa, Joanna Krupa, Maffashion or Ola Nowak. A very large group of recipients are also actresses, models and people who create content on YouTube. Thanks to huge popularity in social media their photos and image has an impact on many people. Not every account is directly related to fashion, but the outfit is an integral part of every profile. Some influencers, taking advantage of the opportunities that a large community gives them, have opened their own fashion or cosmetic brands, which they like to advertise on their accounts

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