Off-duty models. What do they wear when they get off the catwalk?

Off-duty models. What do they wear when they get off the catwalk?

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They look amazing during fashion shows, but a shot in the arm is also their everyday styling. See what clothes the famous models prefer when they finish their work.

Kaia Gerber

She is one of the most sought-after models whose name is becoming more and more established in the industry. The daughter of the legendary Cindy Crawford takes care of her image even when she is not posing in front of the camera or walking the catwalk. Her everyday outfits can be described as American, urban and casual – comfortable but figure-enhancing.

She likes jeans combined with sneakers or heavy boots, but her closet also includes classics from the 1990s, such as an oversize jacket. Kaia Gerber knows that it is her legs that draw attention to her, which is why she often emphasizes them with short skirts or dresses.

Anja Rubik

The world famous Polish supermodel always looks phenomenal. Anja Rubik’s style is very distinctive and unobvious. The model expresses herself and her views through her chosen styles. In no way does she follow the rule that she has to emphasize her figure’s assets by force. Her rebellious nature reappears here.

Anja can be seen in oversized or flowy clothes. The model is not afraid of daring suits with deep necklines, or leather minis and rampons. Other values are more important to her, such as freedom of speech and opinion.

Gigi Hadid

For several years she has been at the top of the rankings of the most popular and best models in the world. She has a great sense of style and inspires many girls and women. She chooses natural looks, which together with her flowing hair and make-up no make-up create a remarkable whole.

Gigi makes use of the latest trends. Lately, she has been seen wearing trendy bikinis, especially with a sweatshirt and a kidney bag, as well as colourful track suits. What else will we see her in after hours? In short tops and classic high-waisted pants or loose-fitting mom jeans.

In addition, the model does not part with her vintage-style sunglasses. She has made them her trademark.

Emily Ratajkowski

Emily Ratajkowski is known for her love of bold, body-posing outfits that are popular in the fashion industry and beyond. She sticks to her principle of looking sexy. She does not give it up even just after giving birth. Emily’s style fits this year’s trends perfectly with all kinds of cut-outs, holes, and transparencies.

When it comes to urban outfits, she opts for muted colors that beautifully highlight her beauty. She also loves oversize jackets and blazers. She also often wears jeans and pencil skirts. These, for example, she combines with crop tops.

Ashley Graham

The plus-size model accepts her body and on her social media profiles tries to convey exactly this kind of message – to love yourself, even if you have more centimeters here and there. She proves that size doesn’t matter in fashion and you can look great.

Ashley has no problem showing up in leggings and a fitted T-shirt. She often chooses very feminine cuts of dresses, skirts, tight pants that perfectly emphasize her curves. She is not afraid to experiment with colors – bold, intense colors combined with original fabrics make a successful duo. She also likes to emphasize her waist with a belt or a crop top.

Rosie Huntington-Whiteley

The blonde model with angelic beauty gets rave reviews and is often imitated. The style is based on uncomplicated forms and Rosie allows herself to go wild with accessories. Her shoes surprise with geometric shapes or unusual materials.

Rosie completes her outfits with original handbags in crazy colors. She also plays with proportions, combining loose and tight-fitting clothes.

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