Review of autumn coats – which models are worth investing in?
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Review of autumn coats – which models are worth investing in?

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Autumn is under the belt, so it’s time to think about cleaning up your closet. The basis of your closet during the colder days is, of course, outer garments. Check which coats are worth investing in!

Autumn – time to put your closet in order!

Although summer has its pluses, we can’t hide the fact that autumn – especially the early one – has just as many! Well, there’s a reason why there are plenty of girls on social media who call themselves autumnalists! Pumpkin lattes, pumpkins, and, well, those styles… There’s nothing like autumn outfits, subdued on the one hand, and saturated with the colors of the world moving toward shorter and shorter days on the other. In this period you can not forget that sometimes the wind blows harder! And then a well-tailored coat will certainly come in handy.

Autumn coat – it is worth having it

Even if you prefer jackets on a daily basis, a stylish autumn coat will certainly come in handy more than once. To dresses, skirts or pants – it always looks very good. In autumn styling, the coat works perfectly. What models are the most fashionable this season? Let’s find out.

Classic trench is always in fashion

A well-tailored classic trench – preferably in beige – works well in a wide variety of styles. Some ladies also opt for a trench in black or navy blue, which certainly goes well with the classic look. However, this type of coat is not only an option for lovers of classic elegance. It also goes wonderfully with looser clothes, such as frayed jeans or sneakers. In one sentence, a trench coat is something worth having in your closet in autumn!

Long wool coat – a must-have this fall!

Fashion experts have no doubt about it. In the coming months, reach for a long coat, preferably wool or at least with a touch of wool. Such timeless models fit perfectly into the closet of ladies of all ages. This is classic at its best, which looks really exclusive. Importantly, in this type of coat you will certainly not get cold. And this is not without significance, especially in late autumn!

White coat – why not?

On the catwalks of the biggest designers this season also appear coats in white. Some would probably consider them impractical due to the fact that they get dirty easily, but you can turn a blind eye to this. Why? First of all, because they are very striking. When you impose such a coat on yourself, everyone will pay attention to you. 

Coats in intense colors

A fuchsia coat is something you will see on the streets this season. It is impossible to miss this trend, which the biggest stars are boldly betting on. The color pink in all shades is undeniably a strong trend, as highlighted at the Valentino brand show. If their designers say that something is on trend, there is no point in arguing. 

Plush coats – softness and chic

If you bought yourself a plush coat last season, do not hide it at the bottom of the closet. This fashion has not passed away, in fact, it is doing very well. Plush coats are soft, cute and on-trend, so what more do you want?

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