Earrings and necklaces for the bride
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Earrings and necklaces for the bride

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A witness is a person who plays an extremely important role in the preparations for the wedding and reception. Most often it is a sister or a friend of the bride. As such an event requires an appropriate setting, no witness can do without stylish jewelry.

What should we consider when choosing jewelry for a bridesmaid?

What is the perfect jewelry for a bridesmaid – what kind of it? First of all it should match the climate of the reception. Other accessories will work in case of a wedding held in a palace atmosphere, and other – a little less formal garden party. It is also a good idea to match the jewelry to the styling of the bride. It concerns both the cut of the dress and its color. In order to make wedding accessories look spectacular, they have to harmonize with the bridesmaid’s beauty, figure, outfit and individual preferences.

What colors can the bridesmaid jewelry be in? We can choose from among red, the color that evokes associations with love. This shade can be used for example for crystals on bracelets or earrings. Jewelry in cobalt tones will also look very impressive. The bride can also wear pastel-colored jewelry. We can choose from among mint, powder pink and blue. Every bridesmaid will look good in these shades, regardless of her beauty type

Personalized jewelry as a gift for the bridesmaid

The bride, wanting to thank the witness for her help in preparations for the wedding, can give her a commemorative jewelry. This is an excellent way to commemorate this special day. A personalized gift with an engraving will be a perfect solution. You can put it for example on a bracelet, giving the wedding date or a personal message for the bridesmaid

What should I consider when choosing wedding jewelry? Key rules

When choosing jewelry for the wedding it is worth following the rule that less is more. In case of a richly decorated dress with an original cut subtle screw earrings and a chain-celebrity will be enough.

Wedding jewelry should perfectly match the creation. When choosing it, particular attention should be paid to details such as, for example, dress zipper. It is advisable that all such elements of styling are maintained in one tone. When it comes to material, both gold and silver work well here. The first of them will suit women with warm type of beauty. What characterizes it, is skin of warm shade, which tans golden brown. Most women with this type of skin tone have blonde or coppery brown hair. Women with warm hair type can wear both gold jewelry and copper jewelry with amber elements. When it comes to silver jewelry for a bridesmaid, it will best suit ladies with very fair skin in cool tones that tans red. What characterizes this type of beauty is hair in the shade of platinum blonde. If you want to diversify silver jewelry for wedding, you can bet on jewelry decorated with zircons or pearls.

Matching jewelry to the figure is also an important issue. If the jewellery is well chosen, it will highlight the figure’s greatest strengths and cover up any flaws. Ladies with petite figures should choose subtle jewelry, which will not be conspicuous. Women wearing plus size will look best in slightly larger accessories.

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