Delicate style of Parisian women – how to apply it on a daily basis?

Delicate style of Parisian women – how to apply it on a daily basis?

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Parisian women are known for their sense of taste when it comes to clothing. Their style arouses the admiration of women around the world. What to do to look like them?

The style of Parisian women perfectly matches this city, which is vibrant at any time of day or night. In the French capital it is difficult to take your eyes off the local residents, who are dressed as if they were all stylists. Interesting combinations, original accessories – everything is well thought out and matched. Their style is distinguished by delicacy and a touch of nonchalance at the same time. It is in vain to look here for vulgar and flashy patterns and cuts, so often found in other European countries. What to do to look like Parisians? Just remember a few basic rules!

Jeans worn in different ways!

Parisian women love jeans, necessarily blue and high-waisted. They are a must-have in their closets. Especially because with such pants you can do a lot of different styles. You can roll them up, pin something to them, cut holes – whatever you prefer! The possibilities are endless. French women wear jeans both for elegant styling (for example, in combination with a white top and checkered jacket), and for everyday wear – put on sneakers, a loose T-shirt or a top with an exposed belly. 

Breton top – Parisian women love it!

One of the classics in the closets of Parisian women is the Breton top, or more precisely – the striped blouse. It will be perfect both for work and for a meeting with friends or an out-of-town trip. French women are eagerly inspired by nautical style, so striped blouses are their undisputed number one. They can be worn in juxtaposition with jeans, skirts and white bermudas or swedes. We can also admire such tops in the styling of famous celebrities, such as Anne Laure Mais and Alexa Chung. 

V-shaped neckline

Parisian women love blouses that have a V-shaped neckline. Such an item of clothing looks very sexy, but also elegant, with a touch of romance. The blouse can be openwork, with a small print or uniform. As for the bottom, there is full freedom. 

Oversize sweaters not only for winter

Parisian women love to seduce with their clothes. That’s why oversize sweaters that uncover one shoulder are so favored by them. Underneath, they often wear a black, plain top with thicker straps. As for patterns, solid sweaters are the most common choice. An interesting combination is the matching of a maxi skirt and a slate-colored skirt. 

White blouses in retro style

Fashion lovers from France can not imagine not having retro-style clothes in their closet, which are a real hit. The most popular are white blouses, such as lace blouses or those with wide collars. Some ladies even opt for men’s shirts with rolled-up sleeves. White blouses have the advantage that they can be worn in almost any combination – with miniskirts, strapless dresses, jeans or tailored pants – and they always look good! In the coming season, white shirts tied in the front in a knot and revealing a bit of the belly will be especially popular. Shirts with special ties for ladies who don’t like to do knots themselves are even available in chain stores already!

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