It-girls love corsets and wide belts. We tell you how to wear them
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It-girls love corsets and wide belts. We tell you how to wear them

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The most beautiful it-girls set new trends and have been displacing fashion designers for years. Corsets and wide belts are becoming more and more popular. Why?

Until now it was fashion designers who set the trends. Everything changed when social media began to develop rapidly. It was mainly Instagram that enabled the development of all it-girls. These are bloggers who began to count in the fashion industry thanks to their phenomenal sense of trends. Stylizations created by it-girls are characterized by exceptional originality and artistic sense, and at the same time are willingly copied by thousands of women around the world. Although this type of influencer could be met even before the Internet era, it is now that they have the greatest influence on their audience

Growing popularity of corsets

Nowadays, corsets worn not under the dress, but on it, are extremely popular. Here you can find some interesting combinations, which depend directly on what color scheme you prefer. If you are looking for a solution for dresses in light tones such as light pink, cream or beige, a light brown corset will be perfect. By putting it on, you can create a great styling, which will perfectly emphasize your style. In this case the corset gently overlaps the bust and at the same time is very comfortable to wear. The situation looks slightly different if we want to choose a corset matching a white dress. Here it is definitely worth to reach for colors working on the principle of contrast. It is best to choose a perfectly fitting corset in a dark shade of red. Worn just below the bust, the corset will make quite an impression on others

Unique corset and lingerie combination

It is worth remembering that the corset is also gaining popularity as an item of lingerie. In the case of lingerie maintained in bright colors (especially in pink), it is worth opting for equally bright, flesh-colored corsets. If you are wearing dark-colored lingerie or a dark-colored outfit, a black corset is much better. The best combination can be seen when wearing sensual corsets, which play the role of both upper underwear and blouse. When paired with black pants, this outfit will make an electrifying impression.

Wide belts – how to wear them?

Wide belts are also becoming increasingly popular and are perfect for dresses. They often have decorative, large buckles that make a great addition to your outfit. Belts should be matched with dresses first of all. An example would be a styling where a white, wide belt has been added to a bright, patterned dress. They go especially well with colorful dresses. Fans of mottled cuts may also find inspiration for their outfits. For example, this example of matching a dark brown belt with a mottled dress looks unique.

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