Square toe shoes – hit or miss?
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Square toe shoes – hit or miss?

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The square-toe shoe is a controversial shoe model that was particularly fashionable at the turn of 1990/2000. The cut made its presence known all the time, returning to the fashion catwalks in each decade. How is it now?

Currently, shoes with a square toe have become fashionable again. They were supposed to reign in season 20/21. They can be matched with various outfits. Soft leather square toe pumps appeared on the fashion runways of the spring season 2020/2021.

The pumps look great when matched with black mini skirts or fitted dresses. For the colder season, boots with a square nose were presented. Such shoes were in fashion in the color of coffee with milk, rust, creamy white or classic black. They can be matched with long, fitted coats. Shoes on a flat sole with a square toe seem to be immortal. They were fashionable this season and are expected to be popular next season as well. They look great when styled with cigarillos, jeans and dresses.

Main Photo: Tyron Harkiss-Foster/unsplash.com

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