Fast fashion and slow fashion – what is it all about?

Fast fashion and slow fashion – what is it all about?

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Every year the idea of slow fashion is becoming more and more popular. The aforementioned movement encourages a different look at fashion, which is no longer to be a determinant of our personality, but only an addition to it. The new trend has also been adopted by many fashion corporations. It appears more and more often in Poland as well.

What is the idea of slow fashion?

Slow fashion is above all a change of attitude to fashion. It is supposed to be an addition to our personality and not a fulfillment of it. In this case, it is important that it is the man who creates and controls fashion, and not fashion and our behavior, including consumption. This is a movement that puts it in a completely new light. It opposes the fight for customers and invests in thoughtful collections that will not be on top only for a season, but much longer. Fashion is no longer a determinant of our being trendy. It should only be an element of life that adds colour to it

Many companies involved in the production of clothes create styles in the slow fashion style, which is supposed to be in line with such values as ecology or occupational hygiene. They turn away from mass and often thoughtless production in favour of products that will last us longer than one season. Thanks to slow fashion, clothing companies noticed the problem of excessive use of materials in production, as well as waste of already manufactured clothes, which were not put on sale due to minor and almost invisible defects. Focusing on ecology, slow fashion makes full use of acquired materials. Additionally, during the production process, it also cares about the environment – often recycled fabrics are used

Among other things, slow fashion clothes are made from organic cotton and have fewer dyes, making them more environmentally friendly, but also not irritating to the skin. Slow fashion sees clothes more holistically – from the production process to the sale to the customer’s use. It focuses on quality, not quantity, and promotes the idea of minimalism among buyers, so that once bought, the clothes will last a long time. Good quality of finish and proven fabrics make each product made is not only very durable, but also safe for us and the environment. Thanks to slow fashion, fashion is becoming more universal, and clothing is no longer the only distinguishing feature of who we are. In slow fashion, individually selected designs, which are tailored to the specific buyer, are very popular

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Why is it worth buying clothes produced according to the idea of slow fashion?

Clothes produced in this style are primarily focused on our comfort and convenience. They are also ecological and ethical. Large corporations often use the so-called cheap labor force, thanks to which the costs of producing clothes are very low. Sewing rooms operating on the principle of slow fashion in the production process take into account the work ethic, as well as individual approach to the consumer. Every customer of such a sewing room can feel special because the patterns of the clothes are unique and often chosen especially for us. Due to the fact that slow fashion promotes the idea of slow life style, also fashion becomes a kind of manifesto striving to make each of us slow down and feel special

Clothes, which are consistent with this idea, are original, but also perfectly suited for everyday styling, because they delight with their timeless designs and cuts. They are refined in every detail, and above all, they do not create trends as strongly as large corporations. According to the idea of slow fashion it is us who make the clothes “live” and have their own unique character. It should be, above all, comfortable and give us a lot of joy. In this way we feel that it is we who create fashion, and not fashion itself. The comfort of wearing the clothes is put here in the first place, just after the care for the employees sewing the clothes and for the environment.

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