Not only boots, or what shoes will work in autumn
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Not only boots, or what shoes will work in autumn

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Autumn is the time when quite a sudden change of weather takes place, and thus the change of closet from light, summer clothes to warmer clothes. Autumn and winter, however, are less and less likely to bring us frosts and freezes, making autumn clothing items that were characteristic of a few years ago obsolete or simply unnecessary. See what shoes you can wear this fall instead of boots

Stylish high-heeled boots

A very versatile type of footwear, which goes with practically every autumn styling, are boots. They are a great choice both with a coat and just a sweater. If you buy for yourself softly plush insulated boots, you can wear them even throughout the winter, as long as it is not too harsh. For early autumn with glimpses of summer sun, openwork boots, which are an absolute hit of this season, will be an interesting complement to styling. On the other hand, the heel of boots will add subtle elegance to any outfit. Each outfit, thanks to shoes, even on a delicate, low heel, becomes much more classic and official. Such shoes are a perfect way to create an outfit for the office or a formal event

Cowboy boots – an interesting accent to a casual outfit

Shoes can be the basis of an entire outfit, if they are the most distinctive element. There is no denying that cowboy style shoes are quite an unusual choice in Poland. However, they are a very beautiful and often ornate type of shoes. From interesting colors (red, olive green, navy blue), through very specific cut, to wonderful embroidery on the uppers, cowboy boots are definitely a good choice for autumn styling. Shoes, which you will find for example on the website, will make each of your creation for autumn unique and original. Cowboy boots will definitely be a hit if you combine them with a short coat in a neutral color and a felt hat or a hat with a big pom-pom. It’s the perfect outfit for a visit to a pumpkin farm or a shoot against a backdrop of piles of golden and orange leaves.


If the autumn weather doesn’t scare you or you are looking for shoes for the warmer days of autumn, moccasins will be the perfect choice for early autumn. The current weather does not require taking heavy shoes out of the closet yet. In the latest fashionable patent moccasins you will look like a million dollars! Their specific cut optically lengthens legs, despite flat sole, and glossy finish adds elegance and uniqueness. Moccasins now available in stores often have additional embellishments, such as tassels, pompoms or chains. Such accessories on shoes are a bit like jewelry, they emphasize the whole styling and make it more interesting. After several years in fashion disgrace, moccasins are back in the autumn trends with a bang. Virtually all stars wear moccasins for walks, during which they are caught by the paparazzi.

Autumn outfits do not have to be boring, informal and limited to a raincoat and wellingtons. Boots are not the only option for autumn weather either. Depending on the conditions outside and your style, choose the right boots for you. When choosing them, pay attention to whether they are comfortable, well-fitting and solidly made. Good autumn boots or cowboy boots can serve you for many seasons

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