How to take care of your clothes to make them last as long as possible? Top 7 effective ways!

How to take care of your clothes to make them last as long as possible? Top 7 effective ways!

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The times of mindless consumerism are slowly fading away. It’s all thanks to the extremely popular zero waste lifestyle, which aims to reduce the amount of garbage produced by society, including clothes. If we want our clothes to stay with us for a long time, we have to take care of them in a proper way. How to do it? On this below.

What fabrics are best to have in your closet?

To enjoy the clothes for a long time, it is best to choose the fabrics of natural origin, such as cotton or linen. A well-made cotton sweater will serve for many years, not only for us, but also for others if we decide to sell it or give it away. In addition, cotton has a positive effect on our skin, because it is well air-permeable and very absorbent. Another fabric that is worth reaching for in stores is linen. Linen products are great for hot days. Natural fabrics are the best choice because they are more durable and give you a more comfortable feeling while wearing them.

7 ways to make your clothes last longer

  1. Using liquids instead of powder

Washing powders are great for dealing with stains and giving a very fresh smell to your clothes, unfortunately they also cause the fabric to deteriorate faster. Soft sweaters washed in powder very often become rough to the touch and “crumpled”. Of course, you can eliminate this effect by adding a softener to the wash, but it is easy to overdo it, as a result of which it can stain the clothes. That’s why it’s best to go for modern and gentle washing liquids, matched to the color of the fabric

  1. Iron rarely

Unfortunately, high temperatures have a very negative effect on the condition of fabrics. Frequent ironing of clothes may cause them to yellow or show unsightly discolorations. Additionally, you should always adjust the temperature of the iron to the fabric type. The temperature that can be used for ironing is always indicated on the garment label in the form of dots in the iron’s graphic. One dot means 100 degrees Celsius, two means 150 degrees Celsius, while three means 200 degrees Celsius.

3. Washing at low temperatures

Clothes will definitely last longer if they are washed at a low temperature. It’s best to set the temperature indicated on the inside tag of the garment. If the garment does not have a tag, it is advisable to use the lowest possible temperature. Washing at high temperatures can cause shrinkage or damage to the fabric.

  1. Using color-specific products

Another way to prolong the life of your clothes is to use products that match their color. It’s easiest to classify the three main shades: black, white, and multicolored. Liquids and powders tailored to the white color will effectively deal with bleaching and discoloration of fabrics. Products for black deepen its intensity. And liquids for multi-coloured clothes will help to keep the color fresh and saturated. It’s also a good idea to use wipes that prevent dyeing , especially when washing coloured clothes.

  1. No bleach or chemical products

If you want to enjoy your favorite clothes longer, give up these products. Unfortunately, chemical products are very damaging to the fibers of fabrics and lead to faster wear and tear. Poorly used bleaches can turn white fabrics yellow, soalways read the label on the package and the tag on the inside of the garment when using bleach because not all fabrics can be dry-cleaned.

  1. Washing clothes on the left side

An old way for our mothers to protect the fabrics is to turn the clothes inside out while washing, which will effectively prolong the good look of the fabric. This is especially important when washing clothes with different types of prints. An additional advantage of turning things inside out is that it prolongs the intensity of the color while the clothes are drying. This rule is especially important with black clothes, which often fade when exposed to sunlight

  1. Instant stain removal

Stains on your clothes should be removed as soon as you notice them. Many dried products such as coffee or ketchup are impossible to wash in most cases, so as soon as you notice a stain, you should use a stain remover or simply blot the st ain. On the other hand, if the stain is very strong, it is worth using various tips available on the internet.

These 7 tips will effectively prolong the freshness and great look of your clothes. It is worth to pay attention to the care of fabrics because many styles come back to fashion and some do not age at all. Careful fabrics have benefits not only for the environment but also for ourselves. By prolonging the life of our clothes, we will save a lot of money, so definitely everyone should take care of their closet.

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