Used luxury goods – here’s a new trend in the fashion industry!

Used luxury goods – here’s a new trend in the fashion industry!

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More and more people want to shop for fashion consciously, respecting the principles of ecology and caring about the working conditions of people involved in the production of textiles. In order not to fuel the machinery of consumerism, some women and men have begun to buy clothes in second-hand stores and vintage shops. It turns out that there are also points where you can buy dresses, handbags, or shoes of luxury brands that have already had their owners. Buying clothes and accessories second hand is becoming the norm, thanks to which we can extend the life of many beautiful things

Buying luxury handbags or shoes can be an excellent choice if you want to have something special and unique in your closet. Resale of clothes and other closet items is becoming more and more popular and finds many takers. There are more and more portals and online stores, where you can both put your things up for sale and buy them from someone. Places that specialize in selling luxury goods make sure that the products are original and there is no fraud when someone wants to sell a fake

Second hand luxury goods – why should you buy them?

  1. A conscious approach to fashion shopping

More and more people, instead of fast fashion, prefer to buy things produced in accordance with the principles of sustainable development. Greater environmental awareness and a lack of consent for the exploitation of workers means that consumers do not want to buy clothes in chain stores. Second hand stores are becoming a great alternative, where you can find real gems, such as clothes from very well-known and luxurious companies. Some people consciously choose places where they can find high-end clothes and accessories at a very good price. As the research shows, we are focused on quality, we prefer to have fewer clothes, but we want them to be made of good quality materials. Investing in luxury goods, even used ones, is also a form of expressing your individual style. We are less likely to see someone in a similar look on the street, and by dressing in chain stores, this is inevitable

  1. Premium brands are becoming more accessible

Luxury goods, i.e. clothes, shoes and accessories with a premium label, are out of reach for most of us. Buying things second-hand lowers the price of the product, but does not deprive it of its high quality. Handbags can often be found in perfect, intact condition. According to trend watchers, outfits from famous designers can be bought up to 70% off when the first owner puts them on sale. Most customers look for handbags, which can be categorized as it-bags, on platforms with second-hand stuff. These are mainly models such as Chanel 2.55, Fendi Baguette, Hermes handbags and other immortal and fashionable styles

  1. Buying luxury goods is a profitable investment

There are things that increase in value every year, especially when they are items from limited collections. This is also happening with clothes and accessories that are hard to come by but coveted by many women. The attitude towards using such products, which can always be sold, sometimes even for a higher price, is also changing. Especially luxury handbags are products that can increase in value despite the years

The brands themselves encourage to take part in resale programs, thanks to which the purchase of a new item is reduced by the cost of the one returned to circulation. It’s also a great way to attract new customers, improve your company’s image, and adapt to market needs. It’s a win-win for customers who are assured that the merchandise they purchase is original if the sales platform works directly with a premium brand

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