Meet the perfumes that match your zodiac signs!

Meet the perfumes that match your zodiac signs!

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Perfumes can have different attitudes. Some manufacturers focus on simple, uncomplicated mixtures, while others treat fragrances as unusual products that should stand out from others. This year, the brand Azaleo debuted on the world market. The company presents a metaphysical approach to perfume, the entire line is fragrances tailored to the zodiac signs

Zodiac perfumes and the Azaleo brand

The creator of Zodiac perfume is influencer Soraya Bakhtiar, described by many as a maximalist. The stylist shows multicolored styles on her profile. She loves colorful clothes, big, distinctive glasses and dresses with bouffant sleeves. As it turned out, the influencer is also interested in esotericism. Her company recently had its premiere. She kept her fans’ curiosity piqued by posting photos of the progress of her work on the perfume brand. On her profile you can find lots of beautifully decorated horoscopes and interesting facts about yoga and meditation

What do zodiac perfumes smell like?

A well-chosen scent for your zodiac sign can boost your self-confidence and emphasize positive character traits. On the other hand, wrongly chosen, not matching our personality, can have completely opposite effect. See how the zodiac perfumes smell


People under the sign of Aries are usually impulsive extroverts. They choose perfumes that they fall in love with at the first smell. What notes dominate in a perfume for Aries? The essence of the perfume are warming spicy accords, such as amber, patchouli, cinnamon, pink pepper, and ginger


This zodiac sign is associated with the earth, so this perfume contains many plant notes. They are associated with an idyllic garden. Jasmine, rose, bergamot and lily of the valley is a composition of fragrances created for Taurus


People under the sign of the Twins have a dual nature. On the one hand they are extremely active, on the other hand they crave tranquility. In this case the best are unusual combinations of fragrance notes that emphasize their complex character. For example, a mix of fresh citrus notes and spicy aromas such as tangerine and pink pepper work well


This is a maritime zodiac sign whose patron saint is the Moon. Zodiac Cancers love delicate, fresh scents that envelop with aroma and bring to mind a memory of family home. Their favorite perfume is a combination of delicate aromas with sweeter accords. Caramel and vanilla notes work perfectly here


Lion people love to be the center of attention and they love summer. Perfumes for them are flashy, warm and distinctive. The most recommended notes are cypresses. Lemon and orange accords combined with incense are the best scents for Lion. They bring to mind sunny Sicily in the middle of a hot summer


Virgos usually take a traditional approach to fragrances and their application. People from this sign are characterized by analytical thinking and pragmatism. The perfume created for them is a mixture of perfectly matching notes. In this case, the smell of lemongrass or coconut works best. On the other hand, Virgos hate strong and distinctive aromas.


Libra people love harmony. They emphasize it with well-chosen perfumes. They love everything which is based on rose notes. Rose combined with freesia, orange or saffron is an ideal perfume for the Libra sign


Scorpios feel good in strong, intense scents. They like the aroma of musk or burning wood. According to them, the ideal fragrances are those that have patchouli, myrrh, cedar, or cardamom in their composition. These are scents that draw attention to themselves and smell seductive


People of this sign are characterised by their love of fun. They are optimistic by nature. They love scents that are energising and seductive at the same time. Sagittarians love oriental notes with a touch of rose, sage or saffron


Capricorns like timelessness and classics. If they like one fragrance, they will choose it for the next few years. It is good that the choice is thoughtful and in accordance with the zodiac sign. The best fragrances for Capricorns are clove, chamomile, and stimulating coffee


This is the most independent of all zodiac signs. It likes unusual combinations that bear no resemblance to commercial perfumes. It prefers essences such as orchid, lavender or violet. For Aquarius, perfumes with a floral base always come first


The perfect scent for Pisces is, above all, delicate and natural. It does not overwhelm with its pushiness. Selected essences for people under the sign of Fish are lemongrass, almonds or sea salt.

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