Cosmetics that effectively mask acne on the face
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Cosmetics that effectively mask acne on the face

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Cosmetics for acne-prone skin are able to mask imperfections and at the same time they do not aggravate inflammation of the skin. We suggest which products to choose in order to enjoy flawless look for many hours.

Make-up cosmetics for acne-prone skin from the drugstore

Some time ago it was believed that makeup could harm acne skin, leading to the aggravation of the problem. Today, the availability of products for skin with imperfections is so great that you can easily complete your makeup bag, which will allow you to enjoy a beautiful appearance for many hours.

Look for drugstore products designed for problematic skin. Some of the preparations combine functions that improve the appearance of the skin, as well as therapeutic. You can opt for a cream that unifies your skin tone, covers imperfections, and additionally normalizes sebum secretion and has an antibacterial effect. If you need more coverage, look for foundations that contain zinc, which has an antibacterial and inflammation-relieving effect. You can easily find makeup cosmetics for acne skin not only in pharmacies, but also in popular drugstores. Check the instructions of brands, which mark their products as intended for problematic skin.

Camouflage – a high coverage cosmetic

Ordinary concealer may not cover all lesions. In this case, it is worth using a camouflage, a cosmetic for special tasks. It has a thick formula, so it has to be applied skillfully. Proper application is important. Use a flat brush to apply too little camouflage – too much camouflage will create a mask effect and may lead to excessive skin dryness. Intensive coverage is only for imperfections. Do not apply it on the delicate skin under your eyes, as it will accentuate wrinkles. Apply concealer before foundation.

If you have a lot of redness on your face, use a green concealer instead of a camouflage. The green color will diminish the hue of the inflamed imperfections. Always apply green concealer under your foundation.

Concealer- a softer way to cover imperfections

To hide blackheads and blemishes, use a traditional concealer for a softer makeup look. Apply after your foundation. Don’t forget to apply under-eye concealer, which is a little lighter than foundation to help brighten your look.

A concealer with salicylic acid will also come in handy when applying makeup to acne-prone skin. Choose a stick, which will ensure convenient application. The product will help to cover imperfections and the acid content will accelerate the healing of lesions.

Foundation for an even skin tone

Foundation is one of the most important elements of daily makeup, because it unifies the skin tone. When choosing a fluid, pay attention to its durability. Acne-prone skin tends to shine just a few hours after applying makeup. Long-lasting mattifying foundation will help to avoid this. Do not use illuminating foundations, as the particles they contain will accentuate unevenness of your complexion. When looking for a foundation, pay special attention to those enriched with UV filters. The fluid will protect against sunlight, which is important for all skin types.

What to remember when applying make-up for acne-prone skin?

When applying makeup for acne-prone skin, remember to clean your accessories carefully. Wash brushes or sponges after each use, which will prevent the spread of lesions. Do not forget to finish your complexion with powder. It will prolong the life of your makeup and blend all its layers. If your complexion tends to be oily, take mattifying blotting papers with you. This product allows you to refresh your makeup during the day. Just apply it to shiny areas and the excess sebum will disappear.

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