Princess Diana’s beauty rules that she followed every day
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Princess Diana’s beauty rules that she followed every day

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Princess Diana is undeniably an icon of good style and elegance. Her clothes were always perfectly matched with her make-up and hair style. What rules did Princess Diana follow to achieve this look? Read the article to find out!

In addition to her extraordinary beauty, the Princess was known for her highly admired hairstyles. Her every move was followed by fashion critics who praised her style. Prince William’s mother was a well-informed woman who knew the power of cosmetics to enhance her facial features and the right hairstyle to create a united whole.

Princess Diana’s Beauty Secrets

Her make-up artist believed that every woman should know how to take care of herself and how to highlight her strengths. Sometimes a small change, properly chosen foundation, emphasized eyebrows and eyelashes are enough to feel feminine and elegant. Products used in the right way can gently change our facial features, add glow or enlarge the lips.

The skin of the Duchess was full of radiance regardless of the time of day. You can look for the explanation in the royal genes, but realistically, it is due to the correct care. An important part of caring for her was deep moisturizing the skin. For this process, the Duchess used a serum that protects against the sun’s rays, Ph balancing toners and placed great emphasis on precise skin cleansing.

Sleep is an indispensable part of proper skin care. Regeneration of the body during sleep means that we do not have bags under the eyes, sagging skin or bloodshot eyes. Many people skip this stage, thinking that 4 hours of sleep is enough for them. Nothing could be further from the truth! Pale skin is certainly not synonymous with femininity, and neglecting regeneration can lead to body diseases.

Beware of stimulants

Princess Diana maintained that healthy skin is not only a good cream, but also avoiding alcohol and cigarettes. Your body is a temple that you must take care of with utmost love and peace.

Alcohol use dilates capillaries and leads to a reddish-purple skin tone. It destroys beta-carotene and prevents the formation of type I collagen. Tobacco and alcohol sensitize the skin to UV radiation. All this is later reflected in a lot of wrinkles, we can easily tell by the face if someone is an alcoholic or a smoker.

The appearance of the skin also depends on the type of our diet, as Princess Diana knew. The skin should also be taken care of from the inside by eating the right foods. Skin aging is stopped by vitamin A and C, which fight against free radicals. In addition, they are important in building collagen fibers, which determines the firmness of the skin. Vitamin A effectively stimulates cells to produce new ones. Eating fruit and vegetables improves microcirculation and the quality of blood vessel walls.

Well-chosen makeup

Princess Diana used a deep moisturizing cream as a base for her make-up. Then she applied a foundation properly chosen to her skin color. In addition to making sure the color matched her skin tone, she paid special attention to the color, which could be cool or warm depending on her tan. She applied an opaque concealer to help cover imperfections, if any.

She always used black mascara on her eyelashes to make them look thicker and longer. She emphasized her femininity by painting her lips the same color as her outfit.

To enjoy a beautiful look avoid makeup mistakes. Here are some of them:

A common mistake is inappropriate choice of foundation, which is usually too dark. When choosing a foundation, follow the color of your neck. If you have a bit of mismatched foundation, drag it on your neck to cover it up.

Another mistake is contouring your face by applying product in the wrong places. Contouring is meant to optically change the shape of your face. However, mishandling bronzer or highlighter will make you look weird

Highlighter is used to emphasize something, so we apply it on the tops of the zygomatic bones, Cupid’s bow and the back of the nose. We “hide” with bronzer, so it’s in dark tones. Apply it under the zygomatic bone, in the creases. If you’re not sure where the bones are, bring the shaft of the brush with one edge to your ear and the other to the edge of your mouth. The angle that the brush creates will determine where to apply the product.

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