These tricks will make sure your makeup lasts even on a hot day
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These tricks will make sure your makeup lasts even on a hot day

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High temperatures, high humidity and strong sunlight are normal weather conditions during the summer months

As much as we enjoy the summer weather, it can be hard to keep your makeup looking perfect. However, there are a few tricks that will keep your makeup intact despite the tropical heat.

It is a good idea to change the make-up products you use during the summer season, opting for lighter formulas. For example, cream eye shadows, which do not wash off from the surface of the eyelid, are a great choice. Some girls swap their existing mascara for a water-based one in July or August. Check out what other makeup tricks are worth using in the summer to make our look flawless regardless of the weather

Summer is a time when we leave the house more often, meet with friends or go on a longed-for vacation. At such moments we want to take special care of our appearance, for example putting on a perfectly executed makeup. An important step is to make a small change in your skin care routine so that your complexion looks radiant and fresh. Here are some make-up tips to help you get the perfect holiday make-up for the beach, a date or a pool party

How to wear make-up in hot weather?

During the summer months, it’s a good idea to switch up your makeup routine, including your daily skincare products. Thick and greasy creams work well in the winter, but on warmer days it is better to choose products with a lighter consistency.

People who have oily or combination skin should also make sure to mattify it before applying make-up. This will make foundation and bronzer look fresh and natural. In hot weather you should especially remember to moisturize your skin, the ideal solution is to use a moisturizer with a protective filter.

What make-up products should I use in hot weather?

1. BB cream instead of foundation

Even in summer we want to have perfect-looking skin without any visible imperfections or discoloration. BB cream has a lighter formula than heavy foundation, but it gives just as good coverage. It is a great alternative for the summer months

2. Wet contouring

A hit in the beauty world in recent years is a properly applied face contouring. You don’t have to give up on highlighting your cheekbones this summer, but instead of using a cream product, opt for a liquid bronzer. This small change will give your skin a fresh and radiant look instantly

3. Waterproof mascara

Waterproof mascara is not only good for the pool or beach, it is increasingly becoming an everyday make-up product for many girls. It makes sure that even the extreme heat will not smudge our makeup

4. Long-lasting liquid lipsticks

The way to have beautiful looking lips is to bet on long-lasting lipsticks with a matte finish. Their drawback is that they slightly dry out the lips, but the effect is really great and lasts up to several hours.

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