Selena Gomez’s style secrets
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Selena Gomez’s style secrets

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Selena Gomez has enjoyed unflagging popularity for years. Her fans follow her every step and try to imitate their idol. This also applies to her style, which has changed a lot over the years. 

In her closet you can now see definitely more feminine styles that emphasize her curves. Importantly, she is not ashamed to show off her body, even if she has a few excess pounds. On the other hand, on a daily basis she chooses absolute classics. Let’s see what can be learned from the singer in terms of fashion!

Selena Gomez – stylish classics

Selena Gomez has two faces. In everyday life, she is an ordinary girl who differs little from American women in terms of appearance. On the other hand, for big outings she transforms herself into a femme fatale. How does she do it? First of all, she maintains moderation and separates these two personalities, and with a thick line! Her daily styling impresses with simplicity, she opts for unforced ease and comfort without unnecessary combinations. As a rule, she chooses solid textures and jeans that emphasize her bottom and optically lengthen her legs. On the other hand, for big outings she opts for creations that are simple but sexy, which show her body in the best possible light.

Selena Gomez in an everyday look

Anyone who knows Selena Gomez knows that she loves not to stand out from the crowd. The singer has a close relationship with her fans, but it is a very healthy relationship. She doesn’t reveal too many details from her life, so she prefers to remain invisible, especially on the streets of New York. She then blends into the crowd like a chameleon.

It is in vain to look for her outlandish styles that reveal an excessive amount of flesh. Classic white t-shirts combined with ultra-trendy wide-leg jeans are her signature closet item. Loose shorts and white sneakers or sneakers can also be spotted. The star is even fond of head scarves and classic black glasses. She is also keen on loose, linen shirts, and in colder weather she opts for oversized denim jackets and comfortable, warm hoodies. In winter she loves down jackets and woolen hats. This kind of look adds to her charm, and you have to admit that she knows how to carry herself in style.

Selena Gomez for big outings

In addition to daily styling, Selena often shows up in public. Then she chooses loos that allow her to shine. On the red carpet, the singer stands out from the crowd and lets herself get caught up in the fantasy. However, she does not exaggerate and, as a rule, always looks impeccable. She chooses comfortable, classic dresses that beautifully wrap around her body and make fans’ eyes appear a true diva.

The star knows her strengths and weaknesses very well, which allows her to tailor the perfect outfits for any occasion. It is worth being inspired by her approach to fashion, which in a nutshell is the less, the better. The woman never overdoes the amount of ornamentation. However, she always emphasizes her beauty. She opts for a smooth complexion combined with a heavily highlighted eye and lip.

Because of her former relationship with Justin Bieber, many people compare her with his current wife Hailey Bieber. However, the style of the two ladies differs significantly, nevertheless, they certainly both know how to dress well and stylishly.

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