How will clothing help you gain confidence?
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How will clothing help you gain confidence?

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Each of us wants to feel attractive and catch the eyes of others. There is nothing shallow about it. That is why it is so important to choose clothes that fit us so that we feel both beautiful and comfortable.

The four-seasons theory – what does it involve?

You’ve probably heard about the concept of the four seasons more than once. And we will mention it too, because why reinvent the wheel, especially when it works?

The color palette can be divided into warm and cold parts. This is the basic principle of creating color compositions. Cold colors are created with the addition of blue, while warm colors are based on a yellow base. When you are choosing your foundation, you may have thought about whether a pink or yellow shade suits your natural skin tone better. The choice is between a warm and a cool undertone.

The Four Seasons Theory distinguishes color intensity in addition to temperature. Each shade can be lively or muted. With these four criteria in mind, we divide them into the following seasons:

  • warm colors + vibrant shades = spring
  • cool colors + muted shades = summer
  • warm colors + muted shades = autumn
  • cold colors + warm tones = winter

How do I find my skin type?

The easiest way to find out what skin type you are? Sort your clothes into four separate piles, corresponding to each characteristic according to which the concept of the four seasons is divided. If your closet presents itself in a monochromatic palette, Perso – the clothing store has a mass of clothes in different cuts and colors. Then, with access to full sun (this is very important, artificial light distorts the image of reality and how we perceive ourselves), ask a friend to take some photos of you in different outfits. Try to make the background of the photos as neutral as possible, and don’t wear makeup yourself so as not to affect the test results.

Together, sit over the photos and evaluate which colors you looked best with. Does your face seem tired when you wear a deep blue, but light up when accompanied by a sandy yellow? That’s a sign that you’re a fall or spring color. Next, compare yourself in styles that contain only warm colors, but of different intensities. You seem a little overwhelmed in pastel tangerine, but glowing orange? Congratulations! You have just discovered that you are spring.

Don’t believe that colors have any effect on the way you look? Look at Beyonce. She almost always wears gold outfits for a reason. Beyonce is a classic spring look in hot, intense colors. Just compare photos of her in a blood red dress versus a purple suit to see the difference in how her complexion looks when accompanied by different colors. Dressed in warm colors, Beyonce radiates a healthy glow, while cold colors give her an unhealthy expression.

If you are also a spring and want to look as sexy as queen B does, we recommend red lingerie sets at Match them with stunning heels.

Be yourself

You are one of a kind, so in following the trends don’t forget to just be yourself. Just like Billie Eilish doesn’t care about the opinions of others, don’t be afraid to stand out in the crowd yourself. Every fashion icon had their crowd of people who didn’t understand their groundbreaking ideas. Wear what you feel comfortable in and what you like yourself in without paying attention to what others will say.

At, you’ll find tights in a variety of patterns to help you subtly express your personality and top off any look.

Remember. You are beautiful when you feel beautiful.

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