Dresses for the wedding – here are fashionable outfits for the witness and guests
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Dresses for the wedding – here are fashionable outfits for the witness and guests

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The wedding season is already in full swing, which means that many of us face a difficult choice – what outfit to choose for the wedding to feel good and be fashionable at the same time? Check out our suggestions of dress trends for the wedding.

Before the event, which the wedding is, we face quite a challenge. How to choose a dress to be comfortable and at the same time glamorous? It can’t be too defiant, nor too modest. A wide range of wedding dresses offers Kartes Moda. Choose the creation, which will be the best solution for you, regardless of whether you are a witness or one of the guests.

Buffs are back in style

The spring-summer season 2021 is once again all about pleats, which are also ideal for wedding dresses. In combination with floral patterns and airy fabrics, the dress will make an incredible impression. You can also opt for a top with buffets, which you can combine with a midi or maxi skirt, preferably flared.

Dress in pastel color

Soft pastels are also trendy this season, including blue, celadon, light purple or powder pink. You can go for classic styles, such as flared dresses or Spanish dresses, or more surprising solutions, such as dresses with frills or with a corset. A floral motif will also work well here. Current trends also include beige and bottle green. Choose a dress according to the style of the wedding and the time of day.

Parisian chic, or as in Paris

Parisian style, or the combination of nonchalance and minimalism, has been very popular lately. If you like patterns on your dresses, go for a polka dot dress. It is up to you whether you decide on a dress with smaller or larger polka dots, as well as in what colors it will be. You can go for a classic black and white or black and white theme, but you can also go wild and wear a pea dress in black and red or white and blue.

Lace accent

Lace on an evening dress can be used in many ways and is one of the more common choices when it comes to dresses for a wedding. You can decide whether you prefer a dress made entirely of lace or rather with a ruffle at the bottom or with sleeves made of this material. Such creations don’t need a lot of accessories, and the available cuts, patterns and colors will definitely allow you to find something to your liking.

Ethnic patterns

Folklore-inspired motifs, as well as oriental and ethnic prints, are trendy this season. If you’re from a place that has distinctive patterns or you’re having a wedding in such a place, don’t be afraid to reach for them. Ethnic prints will look great on long, flowing dresses that go perfectly with elegant sandals and wavy hair.

Raspberry Pink

The intense shade of this color is another trend that can be used to create the perfect wedding outfit. Difficult to style but very glamorous, it is a perfect option for the more daring ladies. Combine it with grey, white or beige, choosing a dress with a classic cut. Fashion creators are betting on this color this season, making it stop being associated only with little girls.

Satin dresses

Elegance at a wedding is a must, and a satin dress solution is perfect for that. You can choose any length – opt for a midi, mini or maxi. The styling will be completed if you add tied sandals with heels.

No matter what pattern or color you decide on, the most important thing is that you feel good in what you wear.

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