9 things to buy at summer sales
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9 things to buy at summer sales

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Promotions and discounts are tempting at every step. Some of them reach even 70 per cent. It is a perfect moment to complete your closet. What items? We suggest!

Smooth top

Tops we wear not only in summer, with shorts or skirts, but also during the rest of the year. They are perfect under sweaters, blouses, cardigans or jackets.

They will be perfect in winter when we dress in layers, i.e. onions. Moreover, lace tops look great with cut-out sweaters.

White and black T-shirt

Another classics are white and black T-shirts – timeless, universal and very comfortable. They are the basis of many stylings, not only summer, but also autumn and winter. It is worth to take advantage of discounts and complete your closet with new pieces. We can also allow ourselves to check the offer of more expensive brands

On the other hand, if we do not dare to wear a T-shirt in color or with prints or appliqués, now is a good time to see if it will suit us.

White shirt

Spring-summer collections are full of white shirts, especially those made of natural materials and of a slightly looser cut.

This element of clothing can be matched with literally everything and any color. It is worth to buy it on sale and then wear it all year round

Denim katana

If we are looking for an alternative to black ramones, it is best to look for a denim katana. We can find them in various shades – from white, to blue, blue, navy, as well as dyed in green, red or yellow.

On colder days, it can be treated as an outer garment, and during frosts simply as another layer to ensure thermal comfort

On the promotional hangers you will also find many shirt jackets, which are very fashionable and will continue to be.


Oversized, fitted, long, short, traditional and funky, plain, patterned, toned, intense – sweaters are often found in our closet and never go out of fashion. So promotions are always welcome.

Pay attention to the composition – as natural as possible, with possible admixture of artificial materials.


We wear them all the time, regardless of the weather – with blouses, shirts, sweatshirts, sweaters, in fact with everything

We can choose models with wide legs or holes, but they will not be so versatile.


A decent jacket, well tailored, fitted or oversized can cost a lot. During discounts we will find not only typically summer linen models, white, beige or pastel, but also total classics, such as camel and black.

They will serve not only for everyday use, but also for work, for great outings and events.


During the summer sales we cannot forget about shoes. While sandals or flip-flops are out of fashion after vacations, sneakers are the best choice.

Brands sell a lot of models, not only in bright colors, but also in earth colors or black – flat, on a platform or with a hidden height.

Branded handbags, accessories and watches

Besides clothes and shoes, we still have leather handbags, belts and wallets, silk scarves, scarves and watches.

The time of promotions is ideal to buy high-quality branded products or from famous designers, which in the regular price are beyond our budget, and now we can have them literally for a fraction of the price, as discounts reach up to 70 percent.

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Main Photo: Sam Lion/pexels.com

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