Handbags for work and parties – proven models
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Handbags for work and parties – proven models

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Every woman knows that leaving the house without a handbag is a huge mistake. Taking a few essentials with you in a convenient bag is a must for most outings. Whether it’s just a daily commute to work, going out to a club or to a wedding, you can’t go without a bag! See, which models are worth having in your closet, so that you can always find a matching bag

Classic everyday bag

For everyday use, both for work and for private outings outside of work, it is worth to have in your closet a simple black purse-case. This cut of the bag is neither too big nor too small, you can fit all the necessary things and a few unnecessary junk in it. Usually fashionable hand bags are not suitable to be a part of a business outfit or just a more elegant one. However, the form of the trunk makes it timeless and fits both to jeans and a t-shirt, and to a shirt and a pencil skirt. Classics never go out of style. Most of the trunks have a pompon, pendant or fabric ribbon/cap, which add elegance or casualness to the bag, depending on the situation

Handbag for sporty outfit

If you prefer to dress “casually”, in more sporty or casual clothes, a woman ‘s bag in the shopper style is something for you. A large bag, resembling a beach bag or a sack, it will hold everything you want to take with you – from books and a laptop to a university trip, through your gym outfit to shopping for dinner. It is the perfect model of bag for busy women who spend most of the day outside the home. If you do not want to carry a large and heavy bag with you all day, you can leave the shopper bag in the checkroom or in the car, and repack the most important items to a small bag on a belt or even to a kidney.

Handbag for romantic outfits

For ladies who love delicate and airy girly style, a tiny handbag on a long strap is a hit. It will go perfectly with dresses and skirts, and will also go fantastically with outfits with a coat in the main role. The minus of such a bag is that apart from a pack of tissues, phone, keys to the house and lipstick, it will be difficult to fit anything else into it. Even a wallet may turn out to be too big, so it is worth to have a loose banknote put in a pocket of the bag. It is especially important if you take such a bag on a date. Then the bill may save you from a very awkward situation in a restaurant or a cafe

Handbag for evening dress

If you are going to a ball, banquet or wedding, you cannot do without a clutch bag. It is, in fact, the only appropriate model of handbag for a formal outfit. Although it does not hold much, and in fact you can take literally a few basic things with you, it is still appropriate to choose such a bag for your dress. Again, if you want to take more things for the big event, you can leave the bigger bag in the car, checkroom or hotel room, if you rented one. Just remember not to bring a large bag into the main or dance hall

A handbag is one of the most useful pieces of clothing. It is certainly the most useful accessory. The handbag you wear every day doesn’t have to be plain, plain and boring. Choose the right cut and style of handbag to suit your taste and the clothes you wear most often. Your closet is a way to express yourself, so don’t be afraid to go crazy

Main Photo: Irene KredenetsHire/unsplash.com

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