Flared jeans like from the 70s – how to style them?
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Flared jeans like from the 70s – how to style them?

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Fashion is characterized by the fact that it likes to come full circle. So it’s no wonder that the popular tubes are slowly fading into oblivion so that the bells can reign again!

Flared jeans appeared at the beginning of the 19th century and were worn by British and American sailors at that time. The bells that we know today dominated the fashion world in the 1960s and 1970s. They quickly entered the mainstream from the shows of the world’s largest fashion houses. Back then, loose pants with flared legs were loved and promoted mainly by hippies. This model was worn not only by women but also by men. Pants often had floral patterns, patches, colorful prints, abrasions, which made them even more original and eye-catching.

The bells were quickly loved by the then celebrities. They were worn by stars such as members of The Beatles and Queen. The ABBA team promoted these pants in an extravagant, disco styling.

Advantages of flared jeans

Bells are such a model of trousers that looks great on various figures. There is probably no other cut that would lengthen the legs so sensationally and make the figure slimmer. And wearing them with platform shoes or heels can add even more centimeters to a woman. These pants perfectly mask thicker calves and ankles, so even ladies with a rather problematic figure can choose them.

How to wear flared jeans today?

Stylists encourage you to play with fashion and experiment. Combining bells with short, fitted tops revealing the belly will be a hit in the coming season. In summer, you can try floral models of trousers, which, in addition to the top, should be put on a hat and flip-flops or sandals with a thick sole.

Flared jeans can also be worn “elegantly”. Esprit and Luisa Cerano offer shiny pants made of flowing material. They can be combined with an elegant black jacket, a dark blouse, high heels – and we get an interesting, distinctive and stylish look.

Jessica Mercedes posed for photos wearing bells and sneakers, which have been popular for several years. Such a sports statement also looks good! For this you can choose a long sweater, coat, and your favorite T-shirt. There are plenty of possibilities!

White bells, which can be combined with an airy, loose linen shirt, are a perfect proposition for summer and hot days. For this, you must have wedge heels with open toes, a basket-type bag and a scarf in your hair. Summer, loose and undoubtedly interesting!

Boho style lovers, which have been enjoying unflagging interest for several seasons, can choose to wear bells and a loose blouse with wide sleeves. For such styling, it is worth choosing shoes on a wedge heel or a post, possibly clogs and a basket-type bag. On cooler days, you can also wear a long, unbuttoned, knitted sweater.

T-shirt and flared jeans – it’s a real hit!

The combination of bells and a T-shirt will be very popular. Especially that not every woman will choose a top that reveals the belly. Bells can be of any material, they don’t have to be denim. Plus a favorite short-sleeved blouse with an interesting logo, picture or photo of your favorite band. The T-shirt must of course be tucked into high-waisted pants. The popular hipsters from the beginning of the 21st century have not returned to favor yet.

main photo: unsplash.com/Maude Frédérique Lavoie

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