Rough and cracked heels – how to win with them?
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Rough and cracked heels – how to win with them?

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Many people struggle with the problem of dry and cracked heels. Such condition is caused by, among others, vitamin deficiency, but also inappropriate footwear. So how to take care of rough and cracked heels?

Not only do they look unsightly, especially when wearing open shoes, they are also quite a painful ailment. And we are talking about rough and cracked heels. Is there an antidote for this ailment?

What are the causes of rough and cracked heels?

The skin on the heels is exceptionally thick, therefore unsightly cracks also appear on it, of course only if we do not take care of it properly. This then leads to excessive keratinization of the skin on the feet and as a result cracking heels? Factors that affect this are primarily: vitamin deficiencies, especially vitamin A, which accelerates epidermal regeneration. Being overweight and certain diseases like diabetes, ringworm, psoriasis or thyroid diseases also contribute to keratosis of the heels. Circulatory disorders are also one of the causes of excessive heel roughness.

Definitely one of the main reasons for cracking skin on the heels, is negligence on our part, namely insufficient hydration or, worse, its lack. The problem may be much more serious, because resulting from the functioning of our body, namely its dehydration. Therefore, in addition to taking care of the skin from the outside, we must also remember about hydrating our body by drinking the right amount of water.

Dryness, roughness and finally the appearance of cracks on the heels is also influenced by poorly fitted shoes, especially lack of access to air for the foot

Take care of your heels

The smoothness and softness of the heels will help us take care of the right cosmetics. What specific products will be best for this ailment? When choosing a product, always pay attention to its composition. Preparations for dry heel skin should contain, among others, vitamin A and E, the first of which softens the skin and helps in the treatment of pathological changes, and the second stimulates circulation and increases skin hydration. Good in the fight against dry heel skin are also cosmetics with lanolin, which inhibits water loss, also has a softening and moisturizing effect. It is also worth reaching for preparations with tea tree oil in the composition, because it has an antiseptic effect, and most importantly does not allow the growth of bacteria and prevents unpleasant odor.

How to take care of cracked heels at home?

As you already know, in the fight against cracked epidermis the key is appropriate and above all systematic foot care. We can make them a home SPA. For example, bath in water with salt. How does such a simple treatment work? Such a salt bath will soften the epidermis. We choose the salt ourselves, we can reach for such a medicinal or relaxing. Table salt is the least recommended, because it can cause irritation, especially on skin prone to allergies or with scratches.

A bath in the infusion of herbs will also work well for cracked heel skin. Recommended are: field horsetail, sage, nettle, chamomile and rosemary. Fenugreek will also work. Pour boiling water for example with a mixture of chamomile and linseed. When this “concoction” cools down a bit, soak your feet in it for at least 15 minutes. Herbs have a great effect on the smoothness of the feet. Beneficial effect on the condition of heels is also a treatment in milk. How to prepare it? Heat about 3 cups of milk, pour it into a bowl, you can also add a few drops of your favorite essential oil. Milk will moisturize the cracked skin of our feet. A good way to fight rough heels is also to prepare linseed slurry.

To relieve your feet, do not wear too tight shoes or those made of artificial materials. Avoid compression tights and don’t wear high heels too often – the skin on your heels really doesn’t like it!

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