Colouring Secrets: How to Get Parisian Blonde
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Colouring Secrets: How to Get Parisian Blonde

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Many people look with admiration at the style and class of French women. One aspect of French women’s appearance that the whole world tries to emulate is Parisian blonde

This is a very natural looking hair color. To get it, several shades of blonde need to be mixed together, sometimes even more than a dozen, to create the most amazing effect. The Parisian blonde color doesn’t try to be perfect

Wondering how to get this effect on your hair? There’s no one-size-fits-all formula, as French women rarely follow any set rules. However, the nonchalant effect can be helped by implementing a few simple rules. It is important to remember that no Parisian woman would show up with an unnatural looking hair color. The aim of Parisian blonde hair color is to give surprising results, which make the hair color multifaceted and unique

What are the characteristics of Parisian blonde?

The term ‘Parisian blonde’ is not a specific color, which can be transferred to the hair once it is shown on a hairdresser’s sample book. Rather, it is a method or style, which allows the blonde colour to be chosen to suit the individual needs of each client. French it-girls love to look special and original and the colouring they do is not a matter of following trends. They are often helped by a trusted hair stylist who creates a mix of blondes to personalize each hairstyle. It is important to match the tones of the dye to the features and beauty type of the woman, who can trust the hair stylist – he will look at the coloring from a broader perspective. Before applying the product to the hair, there is a conversation about what the client is comfortable with and what shades of blonde suit her

How to get the Parisian blonde effect?

  1. Multiple tones of blonde create a spectacular effect

Many French girls wear baleyage on their hair. This is a colouring technique that has been popular for a good dozen years. For the past few years, women have been opting for natural-looking hair, which is how they want their highlights to look. Strong contrasts and shades of colour, which at first glance look artificial and tacky, are therefore avoided. The most natural hair color is a combination of several blonde shades, which look like sun reflections. Parisian women often decide to paint their hair sunkissed or with babylights, which gives the effect of a slight brightening with the help of thin streaks

  1. Fringed Hair is Fashionable

Modern hair colouring makes the roots look natural and adds character to the hair. There is no need to visit the hair salon more than a few times a year. Good hair color specialists can create a smooth transition between the roots and the colored hair strands. In this way, the end result is very natural and the roots do not stand out from the rest of the hair

  1. Hair Care and Health First

It is very important to take care of your hair to ensure that it looks beautiful and healthy. You should not neglect your daily beauty rituals because regularity is the key to success. Blonde hair needs special treatment because bleaching dyes damage the sulfide bridges in the hair and open up the hair cuticles. Without proper care the hair becomes frizzy and difficult to style. It is best to use cosmetic products with a good composition, which are designed for blonde hair. The natural ingredients contained in such preparations strengthen the hair fiber and at the same time give the hair a cool shade of color. Use shampoos and conditioners with moisturizing and shining properties. From time to time it is worth applying a regenerating mask to the strands, which will reduce brittleness, seal split ends and smooth the hair

Main Photo: Nataliya Vaitkevich from Pexels

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