A celebrity tan. How to get it?
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A celebrity tan. How to get it?

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More and more people are aware of the risks and negative effects of prolonged exposure to the sun. A great alternative to unhealthy sunbathing are solutions provided by the cosmetics industry

Celebrities also benefit from excellent quality self-tanning products and bronzing lotions. Here are some of the secrets to their flawless tans.

Modern self-tanners are made of natural ingredients, do not leave unsightly streaks on the body and have a pleasant fragrance. Bronzing creams and lotions are therefore trivial to apply, and they produce a very effective tan

When asked about bronzed skin, celebrities and celebrities bluntly talk about self-tanning products. Some celebrities recommend spray tanning, which is certainly healthier than using a tanning bed or sunbathing on a hot day

5 ways to get a gorgeous but healthy tan

1. Celebrities’ favorite self-tanners are products from St. Tropez

Number 1 among both foreign and Polish celebrities is St.Tropez self-tanner, which has been enjoying unflagging popularity for years. A huge advantage of this line are beautifully scented products, which provide a natural-looking tan

St. Tropez self-tanners are, above all, safe products with sensational composition. The brand has an offer of express self-tanners, as well as products thanks to which the tan appears gradually on the body. In addition to the bronze shade, the skin is also properly moisturized and refreshed. This is the cosmetic of choice for Heidi Klum, Emily Ratajkowski and Natalia Swiec.

2. Positive Surprise After Using Viva Liberta Self-Tanning Lotion

Another self-tanning product that also has a large fan base among celebrities is Viva Liberta. The manufacturer creates unique cosmetics with tanning properties for the body and face. Their undoubted advantage is the natural formula, immediate results and pleasant fragrance. Izabela Janachowska, Joanna Moro and Patrycja Kazadi are delighted with the effect of this self-tanner

3. Tom Ford self-tanner

You can also get a tan using another premium product. It is a self-tanning lotion from Tom Ford’s cosmetics collection. This is a fantastic product for demanding women, who attach great importance to looking perfect. The product guarantees a quick and natural-looking tan, without any streaks on the body

4. A gradual tan with Chanel Soleil Identite Self-tanner

Another sensational product that had to be included in our list was the cosmetic from Chanel. Soleil Identite is more than just a self-tanner, because the gradual tanning lotion also contains a protective filter against UV rays. The lightweight and fast-drying formula with a gorgeous scent is a fantastic way to get a natural-looking tan.

5. Spray tanning used by Anna Lewandowska

A great way to get a beautiful and healthy tan was found by Anna Lewandowska, who uses spray tanning sessions. It’s a kind of body coloring with a special technology that gives the skin the effect of a tan. It is a great alternative to tanning beds or sunbathing.

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Main photo: Rachel Claire/pexels.com

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