How does roller skating affect our figure?

How does roller skating affect our figure?

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Spring is the perfect time to start practicing outdoor sports. If you do not have your favorite sport yet, it is worth starting with roller skating. Its influence on our figure is really salutary. See for yourself!

Effect of roller skating on our figure

If you want to sculpt your figure, before the approaching summer, roller skating is just right for you!

Effective fat burning

Trainers note that rollerblading is just as effective at burning body fat as running. It is estimated that during one hour training we can burn up to 700 kcal. So regular in-line skating, 2-3 times a week, can effectively contribute to weight loss.

Roller skating does not strain your joints

Unlike running, roller skating does not put stress on your joints. When we rollerblade, our movements are smooth, so our spine and knees are not exposed to strain, as it may happen in case of jogging. If you suffer from pain in your joints every day, roller skates will be an excellent choice.

Roller skating develops muscles of legs and buttocks

When we ride on in-line skates, all muscle groups of our body work. However, the muscles of legs and buttocks work the most intensively. Abdominal and back muscles are also strengthened. Rollerskates are therefore ideal for people who want to slimmer their thighs, calves and give firmness to their buttocks.

Oxygenation of the body

Roller skating is much healthier than training indoors. By exercising outdoors, our body gets oxygenated, which influences its better functioning. By the way, while skating we can enjoy the beauty of surrounding nature.

Work on coordination

Do you have problems with balance and coordination of movement? Roller skating is for you! In order to keep your balance, the muscles of your body have to work together. Proper motor coordination will be useful not only in sports but also in everyday life.

Other reasons for in-line skating

Roller skating has many benefits for our health and figure. However, there are other reasons why you should start practicing this sport.

Sport for everyone

Roller skating is a sport for absolutely everyone. If you only learn to skate (which is not difficult), the risk that you will suffer any injury is really small. There are also no major contraindications when it comes to age or health. It is a sport that brings generations together: grandparents, parents and children can go for rides together.

Means of transport

Rollerblades are a great means of transport. It is certainly healthier than a car, subway or streetcar. So if only the weather allows it, it is worth going to work on rollerblades. We burn calories, exercise our muscles, and by the way we do not emit harmful exhaust fumes.

Roller skating relaxes and reduces stress

If after a long day at work you need to relax and unwind, but in an active way, then roller skating will be the perfect choice. Depending on your mood, you can set a fast pace or choose a slow, relaxing ride. Certainly, the ride will allow us to clear our minds and return to daily duties with renewed energy.

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