What to pack for your vacation? Must have for your vacation

What to pack for your vacation? Must have for your vacation

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Are you planning a vacation and starting to wonder what to pack in your suitcase? We present a list of things you need to take with you on vacation no matter whether in Poland or abroad!

The holiday season is underway and means various trips. Although the vision of vacation and rest is always exciting, it involves packing beforehand, which most people are not fond of. We stress and check several times if we are sure we have taken all the most necessary things. To avoid chaos, confusion and nerves, it is best not to pack at the last minute, and prepare a list of things that should go in your suitcase, and then gradually cross them off the list. Most of us know the disappointment when a moment after arriving at a place it turns out that we forgot to take an important thing with us. To prevent this from happening, check out this must have list for your vacation!


Taking the most important documents with you is a must. Without them, your trip may not even take place. Here are the most important documents you should always have with you:

  • iD card,
  • passport – it is worth having it with you even in the European Union countries,
  • visa, if it is required in the visited country,
  • confirmation of purchase from a travel agency, plane tickets, boarding passes,
  • photocopy of insurance,
  • eHIC card for people who use public health services. It is valid only within the European Union,
  • vaccination booklet in case they are mandatory,
  • driving license – renting a car is often one of the best options for exploring the area, so this document can be very useful,
  • student / U.S. citizen card – some attractions offer discounts on admission upon presenting the document,
  • a piece of paper with your address put in your luggage in case you lose it at the airport,
  • photocopy of documents – last but very important. It is worth having them in case you lose one of them


Even if you are not chronically ill and do not need to take any medication regularly, you should still have a well-stocked first aid kit for emergencies. On the spot it may turn out that there is no pharmacy nearby, or there may be difficulties in communicating with a pharmacist. Our first aid kit should include painkillers, plasters, anti-diarrheal drugs, as well as hydrogen peroxide and an elastic bandage. It is also worth taking lime in case of allergy, preparation against bites and after bites, and most importantly – remedies for sunburn

The right clothes

The choice depends on the place to which we plan to travel and our personal preferences, but a few basic items of clothing should always have with us on vacation. It is best to take comfortable clothes, those made of lightweight material and those that do not require ironing. Do not forget about a headgear, a long-sleeved blouse in case you need to cover your burnt arms, more sets of underwear than days of vacation, long pants, raincoat if you go to the mountains and a sweatshirt or sweater for cool evenings. Of course, we should also bring a bathing suit and sunglasses

Comfortable shoes

For sightseeing, which sometimes can last all day, it is better to choose checked shoes. If we are going to the mountains, we need to take trekking shoes with us. Don’t forget your shower shoes!


We should limit the amount of makeup products, but we can take double the amount of skin care products. Toothpaste, shower gel and shampoo are a must, but you should also bring deodorant, perfume, moisturizing and soothing creams after sunbathing, body lotion and moisturizing lipstick


To make your vacation even more enjoyable, take along some interesting books, headphones and choose an audiobook or just relax with music. Remember the charger for your phone or any other electronic equipment you take with you

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