Antibacterial clothing – a new trend during a pandemic?

Antibacterial clothing – a new trend during a pandemic?

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Can clothing protect us from bacteria? In times of the prevailing coronavirus pandemic, this is a question many people are asking themselves. Although the antibacterial capabilities of fabric treatments were already known before COVID-19 circulated the world, so is this type of clothing a new trend during the pandemic?

In times of epidemics, the world’s biggest factories work on various possibilities of fabrics, especially the antibacterial ones, and well-known brands convince consumers that it is their clothes that fight all viruses. What is the truth and will the fashion of the future protect us from harmful microorganisms?

Clothes are carriers of bacteria?

The global pandemic has made many consumers aware that clothing can be the carrier of many germs. After all, we are in different places during the day and inevitably our clothes also become a carrier of all sorts of bacteria. After returning home, it is necessary to change clothes, unfortunately this activity is not a ritual for everyone. We should not sit on a chair, bed or armchair in the same clothes, because we can unknowingly spread germs. According to a study by American scientists, the life span of bacteria on clothes can reach up to several months

Today, many brands are convincing consumers that virus-protective clothing has a real chance of becoming a leading trend soon. Many people who shop online in the age of pandemics see plenty of enticing slogans about the antimicrobial properties of clothing on the Internet. Fashion brands are ready for literally anything. According to many forecasters, spending on clothing will drop significantly in the coming months. Clothing companies are working hard and try to attract customers by all possible means, tempting them with clothes designed to protect against viruses. For example, the world-famous fashion brand Diesel, has proposed to use a material that is able, according to the manufacturer, to kill up to 99% of bacteria and microorganisms in just two hours.

What materials to buy clothes from in the age of pandemics?

Many clothing manufacturers encourage you to go green and buy fabrics made of flax and hemp fibers, among others, because they biodegrade quickly (as long as they don’t have artificial additives). These fabrics are lightweight, breathable and allow for effective thermoregulation. And hemp itself can grow in a variety of climate conditions and, most importantly, is pest resistant. Clothes made from them can therefore be counted among those antibacterial. It is also worth paying more attention to clothes made of bamboo fibers. Bamboo grass grows without using pesticides and other fertilizers. Bamboo fibers are also completely biodegradable. Clothes made from bamboo fabrics are known for their antibacterial properties. Scientific studies even confirm that bamboo eliminates up to 70% of bacteria and microbes from its surface!

Cotton can also be an antibacterial material, provided that a special chemical agent with strong bactericidal properties is used in its fibres. Such an agent acts strongly on the cell wall of bacteria and deprives them of the ability to feed, thus preventing their further harmful activity. Antibacterial cotton is 100% safe for the skin and is certified and tested for cytotoxicity

Are antibacterial fabrics safe for the skin?

Antibacterial fabrics use agents that have previously been dermatologically tested – Human Repeat Insult Patch Test – RIPT. They therefore do not cause allergies and are tolerated by allergy sufferers, as confirmed by cytotoxicity tests – ITV Denkendorf. In addition, the antibacterial fabric is distinguished by its increased durability and resistance to washing and high temperatures. This means that it is a very high quality material.

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