Gold – a strong trend for the end of winter. How to style your hair with this color?
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Gold – a strong trend for the end of winter. How to style your hair with this color?

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What clothes in this color are worth having in your closet to be able to create unusual outfits? Does gold look good only with classic black and white, or can it also be combined with other colors? Check out how to wear it this season

Styling with gold elements is very fashionable and effective. No longer just a jewellery accessory, gold has become an essential part of many fashionistas’ outfits. Wearing gold is an easy way to shine and attract attention. It is important to know the rules of dressing in gold in order to look stylish and chic. If you decide on a strong gold accent, it is advisable to break it up with more subdued accessories

Gold in casual outfits

Gold and glittering items of clothing are not reserved only for big outings and special events. They are also ideal for everyday outfits, such as shopping or going to work. Gold will emphasize even the most subdued and balanced look, that is why it is rather a color for people who like to be noticed and stand out with their outfit. An interesting idea is to buy a gold winter jacket, which will allow you to create an unconventional outfit for almost the whole winter season. It will look great with both simple jeans and a pencil skirt. It will go well with any kind of footwear, from sporty sneakers and boots to elegant stilettos. If a shiny golden jacket is too extravagant for you and you like golden accessories, it is worth buying a handbag or shoes in this color

Gold and black

If you are looking for an elegant and tasteful outfit, the combination of black and gold will be a hit. This is a classic duo that always looks good. The gold and black look is eye-catching but very chic and gives the whole look a feminine touch. These are colors which complement each other perfectly and emphasize the original and modern style of the outfit. Both black and gold never go out of fashion, therefore styles using these colors are timeless and universal. Combining elements of clothing is free, you can bet on a gold dress which will be combined with a black jacket or a black turtleneck sweater composed with a gold midi skirt or shorts and boots. An interesting solution may also be a black total look in the form of a suit, which will be complemented with gold stilettos

What to combine a gold dress with?

A gold dress is a very glamorous and unique outfit, which undoubtedly attracts attention and makes you the center of attention. It is advisable to match a glittering gold dress with more subdued accessories, which will make the outfit more harmonious. Elements with a matte finish look good as well. A great combination will be gold with pastel colors – blue, pink or ashen. However, it will not be a good solution for blondes with light complexion. To make the whole look more monotonous, it is worth to choose accessories of stronger colors, deep red, navy blue or bottle green will look fantastic. It is worth to bet on stilettos or heeled boots in colors mentioned before. They not only complete the outfit but also make the silhouette look beautifully emphasized

What jewelry goes well with golden outfits?

If we choose a golden dress – or any other part of our outfit – we usually have to resign from flashy jewelry, so that the whole outfit would not be too flashy. In this case we should opt for less classical solutions. Gold color will be beautifully contrasted with scarlet or red jewelry. Hanging earrings in the color of juicy cherry, complemented with a ruby necklace will look amazing. This look will be a combination of class, elegance and chic

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