How to position for key phrases related to clothing?
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How to position for key phrases related to clothing?

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Positioning is a multi-step and extremely complicated process that aims to improve the position of a given website in Google search engine. It is usually carried out by a specialized SEO interactive agency. Here, good examples in particular we have many – SEO agency Orlando, best Los Angeles SEO agency and many more. The process is less often undertaken by a freelancer, and the final, unfortunately most often chosen solution is positioning the website by its inexperienced owner. Difficult key phrases related to fashion require the most decisive actions.

There is a reason why SEO is now one of the most popular marketing activities, which seems to surpass even sponsored articles in popularity. However, the effectiveness of these activities is not always predictable, and the effects are not always what we expect. 

What is positioning and why is it worth it?

If you are wondering how to position a key phrase, let’s start with a thorough analysis of SEO activities. SEO agency Orlando first step is determined by conducting an SEO audit, which allows the company undertaking SEO to know the current state of the site and tailor a plan of action to its industry and expectations. As the senior SEO department of Best Los Angeles SEO put it – without an audit, planning is like wandering in a fog and risking making wrong decisions, which is why most companies conduct one even before signing the final contract.

In the next stages, the actual work of SEOs, programmers and copywriters begins, or even user experience company specialists in case you decide to work with a user experience company. After the strategy is developed, specialists forming the expert team put it into practice. Among the many activities, which in the agencies can be even several hundred, is the issue of key phrases. Key phrases are short or longer phrases that are supposed to correspond to the queries typed by an Internet user in the Google search box, such as

  • women’s fashion online,
  • cheap fashion shopping,
  • fashion for men XL,
  • and many others.

The owner of a given site dealing with the sale of clothing should care about being found as high as possible on the phrases closely related to the chosen industry and goods available under one particular phrase.

Positioning in fashion – efficiency first of all

The price of positioning websites and online stores depends on the scope of work, but it is accepted that the cost of positioning particularly popular phrases is the highest and this is not without reason. In positioning, the greater the competition, the greater the problems with the proper positioning of specific key phrases. In the case of fashion, this problem is particularly acute. Positioning posts, product pages or entire blogs operating in the fashion sphere is very difficult and uncertain in its effects, so few agencies decide to carry it out or do it, but without a guarantee of the targeted positions. Fashion is also about appearance and this also applies to websites dedicated to it. According to the user experience company, an unattractive and inaccessible design of a fashion website is a shot in the knee, even before the activities fully begin. The services of a company, such as a user experience company, make it possible to attract the attention of the customer, who will eventually decide to look at our site. Dry conversion is not a real success, you still have to be able to convince the customer to stay for longer, or visit us again. 

A handful of factual tips

The primary task of an SEO agency is to properly plan a strategy for selecting key phrases and tailoring it to a specific industry and business. Many beginner agencies mistakenly assume that visibility in SERP (Search Engine Results Page) is what matters, not the quality of traffic. It is worthwhile for the chosen phrase to be related to specific content, which will certainly interest the Internet user. It is worth taking a closer look at this issue on the example of a key phrase:

women’s skinny fit blue jeans

Despite the fact that the above phrase seems to be too long (long-tail), in reality it should fully interest and satisfy an internet user who is looking for this type of lower garment. What does it mean? That there is a good chance for a purchase/conversion. On the other hand, the above phrase can be shortened in a wrong way, which will do more harm than good – adds Web developer SEO agency Orlando. The phrase will then sound as follows:

women’s pants

How does it relate to the phrase placed above? In this case the chosen website will attract not only an Internet user looking for slim-fit pants, but also a woman looking for a coat or a girl who wants to buy an interesting blouse for the upcoming holidays – explains Best Los Angeles SEO. The effect? Lowering the position of the site due to high bounce-rate (rejection rate) and short visit time.

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  • Cassie Jacobs 29.08.2022

    When it comes to efficiency in positioning, it is worth considering SXO. As you said, a fashion website should first of all have an attractive and accessible design. That is why the fashion industry needs SXO. Using a strategy that takes into account not only SEO tactics but also user experience will certainly contribute to a better ranking. However, it’s not just about ranking, the development of the user experience makes them better perceive your brand and willingly shop in your store. Ever since I tried SXO, my optimization efforts started to bring much better results. I recommend that everyone include this strategy in their action plan.

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