Permanent makeup – why and for whom?
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Permanent makeup – why and for whom?

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Permanent makeup is the right solution for people who have very sparse eyebrows or want to emphasize them better. It can also be used to slightly emphasize the shape of the lips or optically improve the density of the eyelashes with an impressive eyelid line. Many women decide on it for aesthetic reasons or when they want to additionally emphasize their beauty assets. What is permanent makeup and for whom is it intended?

What is permanent makeup?

Permanent makeup consists of pigments that are placed under the skin and are also used for tattooing. Using a machine similar to that used for tattoos, the stylist shapes the shape of the lips, deepening the redness of the lips or adds hair to the eyebrows to make them appear more emphasized and thicker. Permanent makeup is also a line similar to eyeliner. It makes our eyes look much bigger and our eyelashes look thicker and more emphasized. Before applying permanent makeup, it is worth talking to a stylist who performs it and tell us about our expectations. Today, permanent makeup methods give a more natural effect, so you can choose the perfect solution for you. First the shape of our eyebrows is drawn or the place where a line to optically thicken the eyelashes will appear on the eyelid. If necessary, a gel anesthetic is administered, and then the stylist begins to insert the dye under the skin. The best effect is visible after about 4 days. After this time, the skin is already healed and you can come back to the salon for possible corrections

Permanent makeup is intended mainly for people who want to emphasize their natural beauty. In some cases it is not necessary, but ladies with slightly too light eyebrows, small lips with practically invisible plumage and those with very sparse eyelashes can greatly enhance their beauty with permanent makeup. This treatment is also recommended for women who do not like to paint themselves or do not have time for it. Thanks to such treatments, women who have asymmetrical eyebrows or almost no eyebrows will look much more elegant and feminine. After some illnesses many women lose some of their eyelashes and eyebrows. Permanent makeup is a way to regain the old look.

What effects does permanent makeup give us?

Permanent makeup gives us the effect of highlighting our beauty in a natural way. It means that we do not have to remember about full makeup or use lipstick. It allows for better filling of the lip contour, emphasizing and highlighting. Thanks to the proper match of the pigment to the color of our lips, we will no longer need to use lip pencils or lipsticks. Permanent eyebrow makeup, on the other hand, makes our face look a bit slimmer by matching the shape of the eyebrows. In addition, you will notice that you will not need to emphasize them with a pencil every day and you will not need to do henna, which gives nice but short-lived results. It is also a suitable procedure for ladies who have large and visible asymmetry in the structure of the eyebrows

Many women wonder if such a procedure is right for them. Permanent makeup is a very good solution when we do not want to put on makeup every day, and large losses in eyelashes or eyebrows do not allow us to look good without makeup.

However, before we decide on permanent makeup, we should choose a salon very carefully. It is best to go there, where the stylist uses several methods of permanent makeup, which will give us a very natural, but also nice results. In some cases, it is a good idea to combine different permanent makeup techniques to make the effect last longer.

Dye can remain under the skin for at least 2 years after the procedure, but it is much more common for permanent makeup traces to stay with us forever. After about 2-3 years, however, it is worth coming to the salon for a minor touch-up, so that the effect can stay with us for much longer.

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