How to take care of a beautiful neck? Learn about ways to keep it looking young!
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How to take care of a beautiful neck? Learn about ways to keep it looking young!

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Everyone dreams of maintaining a beautiful and youthful appearance for as long as possible. Various treatments, massages or anti-wrinkle creams with AntiAge formula can be applied to the negative effects of skin maturation. However, not only facial skin is prone to sagging and the appearance of wrinkles. Unfortunately, with age, also the neck does not look perfect. So what to do to make our neck again beautiful and young?

The most common problem, or venus necklace

The problem that affects most women is the so-called venus necklace, i.e. transverse wrinkles and furrows appearing on the neck, which most often are arranged in a circle and create an unsightly cut-off. Their occurrence is mainly caused by genes, age, and the way of caring for the skin on the neck. This problem does not affect only mature women, as it might seem on the surface. Venus necklace appears also in women even before 30 years of age. Unfortunately, very often it is bad habits that lead to the formation of such changes.

Take care of your habits

Bad habits and poor skin care can contribute to the formation of such unsightly changes as a venus necklace. Unconscious lowering of the head while sleeping, for example, causes the neck skin to wrinkle. Also prolonged and systematic sitting in such a position causes wrinkles on the neck to consolidate and deepen. An effective way to correct sleeping posture is to purchase a special pillow, so that your head will not involuntarily fall down during sleep. The purchase of such a pillow is also a great investment in your health and improved quality of sleep. During activities such as reading or using the phone, you should be very careful that the thing you hold in your hands is always in the right position relative to our head. Proper neck posture also reduces the likelihood of developing a second chin, which unfortunately is very hard to get rid of.

Use proper skin care

One of the factors influencing skin condition is skin care. Unfortunately, poorly or irregularly performed skin care can contribute to sagging skin and wrinkles on the neck. Many people during their evening or morning skin care routine forget about the neckline and the neck, while it is enough to apply a bit of cream in these areas. Regular use of moisturizing cream and performing massages e.g. with a jade roller significantly reduces the likelihood of occurrence of venus necklace, and improves the appearance and elasticity of our skin.

How to get rid of unsightly wrinkles?

1. Proper care

If wrinkles are visible on our skin, then unfortunately applying a simple moisturizer is not enough. In this case, in order to get rid of wrinkles, one should reach for an anti-wrinkle cream and serum, which will fill in and smooth out unsightly neck wrinkles.

2. Exercise

You can also get rid of neck wrinkles with exercise. There are plenty of videos on sites like YouTube that show you how to do exercises that will help firm and smooth out wrinkles.

3. Massage

Getting regular massages is also a great option. You don’t have to go to an expensive massage therapist for this. It is enough to learn the right techniques and buy, for example, a jade roller. Regular massages will bring the biggest and quickest benefits if you use wrinkle-reducing creams along with them.

4. A visit to a specialist

The last solution to get rid of wrinkles of the venus necklace type is a visit to a specialist who performs such treatments as filling furrows with hyaluronic acid or treatments using laser.

Wrinkles are the most unwanted effects of aging. Unfortunately, many of them also appear on young skin due to genetic factors or improper care. Fortunately, today there are many methods to take care of your neck. Some of them require patience but sooner or later our skin will thank us for the effort put into its care.

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