Christmas hybrid manicure – hit or miss?
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Christmas hybrid manicure – hit or miss?

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December is an extraordinary time, so when you choose your nail design, you should opt for typically festive motives. There are hundreds of trendy styles, which thanks to hybrid nail polishes will decorate your hands for a really long time. Get a bit of inspiration and create a festive atmosphere on your nails as well.

Go wild at Christmas

During the holidays it is perfectly acceptable to use all kinds of glitter, nail stickers or paint patterns. You can afford such styles, which during the year would be considered a total dud. Glittering nails are sure to delight many people and make our manicure more noticeable. If you want your nails to be universal, it’s best to choose colors like white, black or red. However, if you want to go crazy, you can bet on green, mermaid effect, monochromatic polishes or small gl

itters. You can also think about painting your nails before the holidays to match the New Year’s Eve outfit. It’s obvious that everything should be done within the limits of common sense, but the Christmas time is definitely the time when you can go crazy with your nails.

Timeless Christmas classics on nails

Some colors never get old, and that’s the case with red and green. These two colors are most associated with Christmas, so they are perfect as bases for your December style. Simple red nails are a great solution for those who appreciate minimalism.

Without a doubt they will be associated with that special time, and will appeal to people who are not fond of strong decorations

A Christmas classic for several years is also a snowflake motif. There are plenty of tutorials on the internet describing step by step how to do this decoration. You can also use special water stickers,

which give a beautiful effect and are extremely easy to use. Of course, patterns such as candles, Christmas trees, snowmen and everything associated with winter and Christmas do not go out of fashion. Buying different types of stencils to make such decorations is certainly an investment for many years, because these motifs are always in vogue during December.

the 5 Hottest Christmas Nail Designs

Silver and gold glitters

Manicures made with gold and silver glitters are undoubtedly one of the most interesting styles. There are many ways to create a manicure with these nail art designs. It looks great if you completely cover two nails with glitter or do French manicure, where only the tips of the nails are decorated with glitter.

Snowmen and Snowflakes

These motifs are not only suitable for the Christmas period, but also for the whole winter, so if someone is planning a manicure, which he would like to enjoy not only during Christmas, it is worth choosing these designs.

Classic red and green

Undoubtedly, the color green and red – especially when combined – are very strongly associated with the Christmas season. Therefore, if you have no idea for an interesting and phenomenal Christmas design, you can safely limit yourself to these two colors on the nails – in any combination, because they all look very good.

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Spruce twigs

The motif of wreaths made of spruce twigs or just single twigs is a very festive theme. Making such decoration is relatively easy and does not require high skills, and the effects will surely delight many people during Christmas.


One of the hottest, and at the same time most interesting decorations appearing on nails during Christmas are inscriptions. These can be short holiday phrases in different languages. For these designs it is best to use water based stickers, which give the best and most aesthetic effect.

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