Treatments that are worth doing after summer
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Treatments that are worth doing after summer

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Vacations are a wonderful time, but for our skin they also mean a lot of challenges! Fortunately, now is the time to nourish it a bit. Check out what treatments are worth doing after summer and sign up for any of them today!

Summer is a challenge for the skin

The summer months are a time of intense wear and tear on our bodies. We spend a long time in the sun, swim in salt water, use air conditioning… All this is very pleasant, but the consequences can be severe. That’s why you should think about regeneration. Although the skin should be taken care of all year round, it is undoubtedly worth taking specific measures after the vacations. What treatments should you perform? Surely your skin could use a solid dose of hydration. Find out more!

Oxygen infusion

This is a treatment very often recommended by specialists to people returning from vacation. During oxygen infusion, active concentrated ingredients are injected into the skin, all with the help of pure oxygen. As a result, our skin becomes firm, elastic and tight, vitamins and minerals penetrate it. Importantly, this treatment is completely safe and there are no contraindications to it.


It is also very common to find that needle mesotherapy is among the top treatments recommended after the vacations. It is performed to deliver nutrients to the cells for deep hydration and revitalization. 


After the vacations, a decent peel would also come in handy, and it’s hard to find a more decent one than oxybrasion! In this procedure, the exfoliating agent of the epidermis is a stream of dispersed saline droplets, which are applied under the pressure of compressed air. The person performing the treatment does it with a specially designed applicator. This is an effective method of exfoliating the epidermis, which is definitely worth considering after the vacations.

Proper care is the basis

In addition to specific treatments, after the holiday season, take care of proper care of sun-weary skin. Adequate diet, hydration, strongly moisturizing creams – this is worth keeping an eye on. Of course, we already think about the condition of our skin before the vacations – sunscreen should be our must-have!

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