How to learn eyebrow care?
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How to learn eyebrow care?

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In recent years, our awareness of eyebrow care has increased. This is clearly visible in the cosmetics market, which has significantly expanded the range of products for their styling – from pencils, to shadows, soaps, pomades and wax, to ensure the proper shape and density of eyebrows. Many women are confused by this and have trouble choosing the right cosmetics. We explain why eyebrows have grown in popularity and how to learn to care for them properly.

Adjustment and care

Eyebrows became important in makeup, when it was noticed that thanks to them it is possible to contour and emphasize the face. Subtle, thick and natural looking eyebrows have been in vogue for several years. However, you can not start their makeup without a properly conducted adjustment. If you are not sure what shape of eyebrows suits the shape of your face, make an appointment with a beautician. There are also various eyebrow adjustment templates available in the market that can be helpful in taming the hairs. To pluck your eyebrows, a wax or simple tweezers will work well. The most important thing is to keep your eyebrows symmetrical and the skin around them moisturized. It is advisable to pluck the eyebrows in the direction of their growth so as not to damage the hair roots. If your hairs are thin and thin, you can apply castor oil at night to speed up their growth. Many people also recommend applying a thin layer of petroleum jelly at night to moisturize eyebrows and lashes. Remember also to soothe irritation after eyebrow removal with a zinc ointment, aloe vera gel or a gentle face cream.

How to choose cosmetics for eyebrows?

Perfectly shaped and emphasized eyebrows are a dream of many women. The basis of their make-up is a perfect match of the product color. It is best to start styling the eyebrows by defining the contour with a precise pencil or with a flat and slanted brush designed for eyebrows. Once the outline is defined, you can fill in the brows with a shadow, powder, pomade, pen or with a henna concealer which gradually tints the brows. It all depends on your preferred result – brows can be subtle and delicate or precisely emphasized with a well-defined arch. You can keep your brows under control by combing them with a special brush. Alternatively, you can keep them in place for hours using a styling gel, a special mascara or a clear soap to tame the hairs. When drawing your eyebrows, try to create a microblading effect to make them look as natural as possible. If you want to emphasize your eyebrows even more, you can do it with a light eye shadow applied just below the brow bone.

Professional treatments – eyebrow styling

If you want to learn professional eyebrow styling methods, consider eyebrows lamination training for beginners or experienced stylists. There are different types of courses available on the market for eyebrow care, e.g training powder henna, thanks to which you will learn how to get the most out of henna. In turn online henna and eyebrows adjustment course will allow you to learn how to pluck hairs and give eyebrows the desired shape, which will match the facial features of your clients. By taking part in the training, you will learn new skills and stand out from other stylists.

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