Perfect skin care products for springtime you should pay attention to
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Perfect skin care products for springtime you should pay attention to

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The beginning of the year is the best time to start compiling your spring cosmetics bag. What products can’t miss in it? Here are some of our beauty hits for spring 2021.

A lot of hot new products have appeared on the beauty market recently. These beauty products are worth testing this spring:

Humanrace by Pharell Williams

This is a series of products created by a famous singer Pharell Williams. As the artist emphasizes, the cosmetics included in it are extremely universal and suitable for everyone, regardless of age, gender, skin type or race. What makes them stand out is the fact that all the ingredients they contain are of natural origin. The series consists of a moisturizing cream, an exfoliating emulsion with enzymes and a cleansing powder that turns into a light liquid in contact with water. The product packaging is refillable and reusable. They are made from more than 50% recycled plastic.

Mask from Drunk Elephant

This cosmetic was previously only available in the United States. Currently, it can also be purchased in Poland. The mask contains in its composition, among others, AHA acid in the concentration of 25% and 2% BHA acid. What are its properties? The cosmetic effectively exfoliates the epidermis, evens skin tone, reduces visibility of pores and brightens up the complexion, effectively masking symptoms of fatigue. The mask has a pH of 3.5, so it can be successfully used by owners of sensitive skin, prone to redness.

Fenty Skin Facial Care Kit

This is the second cosmetic brand of the famous Rihanna song after Fenty Beauty. What is worth knowing about the products included in it? They are a unique combination of ingredients from around the world and highly effective skincare formulas. For example, Fenty Skin products contain niacinamide, hyaluronic acid and other clinically proven results. What also sets them apart are their gluten-free, vegan formulas. The product packaging is reusable and recyclable

One of the products worth testing is a face care kit that guarantees your skin a daily 3-step routine. Its products moisturize and brighten the skin, tighten pores and reduce the appearance of discoloration. One of the items in the kit is Total Cleaner’s Remove – It – All Cleanser Gel. It perfectly removes makeup and the rest of impurities that have accumulated on the skin during the day. The formula of the cosmetic changes from a cream to a foam. It contains, among others, cherries and coconut, which cleanse the skin and care for it at the same time. Another element of the set is a toner – serum 2 in 1 Fat Water Pore – Refining Toner Serum. The product tightens pores and reduces pigmentation spots. It has a thick consistency that is quickly absorbed. Rihanna’s cosmetic set also includes Hydra Vizor Invisible Moisturizer SPF 30. It has a lightweight formula that guarantees all-day hydration and sun protection. The cosmetic is instantly absorbed, smoothing the skin.

Lixirskin Vitamin C Paste Mask

The cosmetic effectively neutralizes oxidized sebum and proteins, giving tired, gray skin energy and radiance. Additionally, it protects the skin against free radicals and UVA and UVB radiation. The cosmetic regulates collagen and melanin production and protects elastin. Formulated with warming Tangerine and Jasmine extracts to brighten and tone skin.

Shiseido Eye Patches

A highly effective treatment for puffiness, fine lines and wrinkles, and a brightening effect. Thanks to their large size, they work on the entire skin area under the eyes.

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